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Overview of Barcode RM4SCC
RM4SCC is also known as CBC (Customer Bar Code), RM4SCC, RoyalMail4SCC, British Royal Mail 4-State Customer Code and Royal Mail Barcode. It was developed for the Royal Mail. Nowadays, it is also used by the British Postal Service to encode the postcode and delivery point identifier on letter mail at high speed.
Generation of Barcode RM4SCC
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Structure of Barcode RM4SCC
RM4SCC barcode is a 4-state barcode. Each element in RM4SCC is made up of 4 bars, 2 of which extend upward, and the rest downward. They are track element in all bars. Besides, RM4SCC barcode consists of 6 parts: start and stop quiet zone, start and stop pattern, post code and a check digit.
Quiet Zone
Quiet zone is a light margin around RM4SCC symbol at four sides with nothing to print. Users may set quiet zone of left, right, top, and bottom according to different needs with KeepAutomation RM4SCC barcode generators.
Start and Stop Pattern
Start & stop pattern is an indicator to show the beginning and end of the data sequence respectively.
Post Code
Post Code in RM4SCC is designed to contain the information of recipient.
Check Digit
The checksum character is used as a means of error detection to ensure whether the rest of the barcode is correct or not, which is automatically added by RM4SCC encoders as required.
Valid Characters of Barcode RM4SCC
RM4SCC encodable data contains 38 valid characters, and the entire character set includes three categories:
  • Numeric characters 0-9;
  • Alpha characters A-Z;
  • Open and close brackets "(" and ")" used as start & stop character.
Each character may be displayed in different formats as is demonstrated in the following table:
Checksum Calculation of Barcode RM4SCC
For providing error protection, the RM4SCC check digit is displayed at the end of the barcode symbol. But there is no need for users to compute the checksum, because all the RM4SCC generators provided by can calculate and add it automatically to ensure image validity.