How to Generate Data Matrix in RDLC Reports

How to Generate and Insert Data Matrix Barcode Image in Local Report RDLC
  • Entirely compatible with Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010
  • Compatible with Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 & 4.0
  • Support Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and greater versions
  • Create standard Data Matrix barcode image in RDLC Reports
  • Easy to adjust Data Matrix properties via C# or VB programming
  • Quickly export Data Matrix barcode image on PDF and html
  • Support flexible Data Matrix size setting for specific width and height demand
RDLC Reports Data Matrix Barcode Control Introduction
RDLC Data Matrix Barcode Generator is capable of adding high quality Data Matrix barcode images in RDLC Reports. RDLC Reports (Report Definition Language Client-Side) are completely running on the client-side, contrast to the server reporting, RDL (Report Definition Language) Reports.
Data Matrix Barcode Overview
Data Matrix is a two-dimensional barcode which can store from 1 to about 2,000 characters. It is being used to encode product and serial number information on electrical rating plates; to mark of surgical instruments in Japan; to identify lenses, circuit boards, and other items during manufacturing.
Download RDLC Reports Data Matrix Barcode Control
Trial version of RDLC Reports Data Matrix Barcode Control is composed of items below. You are free to download this trial version to create Data Matrix barcode image in RDLC Reports
  • KeepAutomation.Barcode.RDLC.dll
  • End User License Agreement
  • User Manual & Order Page
Developers should note that Data Matrix barcode image generated with this trial version will include a "KA Barcode" watermark. As a result, this trial version can not be used to business applications.
Insert Data Matrix in WinForms Using RDLC Barcode Control
  1. Create a new DataSet with the name "AdventureWorks.xsd".
  2. Switch to the "Toolbox", select "Pointer", and drag "TableAdapter" to the new "DataSet".
  3. Create or select a connection to SQL Server AdvantureWorks Sample Database.
  4. Input "SELECT ProductID, Name FROM Production.vProductDescription WHERE (CultureID = N'en') as SQL Statements.
  5. Create a new column by right clicking "vProductAndDescription" on the dataset, then name the column.
  6. Change the data type to "System.Byte[]".
  7. Switch to "Solution Explorer" and add a new "Report" item.
  8. Create a new "Report" item and insert a table to the report.
  9. Add three columns in the dataset to the report table details section.
  10. Drag and drop "Image" item to the last column and name it "Barcode".
  11. Go to "Properties" window and change "Source", "MIMEType", "Value" to "Database", "image/jpeg", "=Fields!Barcode.Value" respectively.
  12. Then select "Form1.cs[Design]", drag "ReportViewer" to Form1, and bind the data collection.
  13. Add "KeepAutomation.Barcode.RDLC.dll" to project reference.
  14. Copy the following C# & VB sample codes into the method Form1_Load.
  15. Use "KeepAutomation.Barcode.RDLC" namespace and run your project.
C# Sample code
     private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
// load data to the data table this.vProductAndDescriptionTableAdapter.Fill
// create a linear barcode object
BarCode datamatrix = new BarCode();
// set barcode type
datamatrix.Symbology = KeepAutomation.Barcode.Symbology.DataMatrix;
datamatrix.X = 3;
datamatrix.Y = 3;
// draw barcodes for each data row
foreach (AdventureWorks.vProductAndDescriptionRow
row in this.AdventureWorks.vProductAndDescription.Rows)
{// set barcode encoding data value
datamatrix.CodeToEncode = row.ProductID.ToString();
// set drawing barcode image format
datamatrix.ImageFormat = System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png;

row.Barcode = datamatrix.generateBarcodeToByteArray();
VB Sample code
     Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
' load data to the data table this.vProductAndDescriptionTableAdapter.Fill
' create a linear barcode object
Dim datamatrix As New BarCode()
' set barcode type
datamatrix.Symbology = KeepAutomation.Barcode.Symbology.DataMatrix
datamatrix.X = 3
datamatrix.Y = 3
' draw barcodes for each data row
For Each row As AdventureWorks.vProductAndDescriptionRow In Me.AdventureWorks.vProductAndDescription.Rows
' set barcode encoding data value
datamatrix.CodeToEncode = row.ProductID.ToString()
' set drawing barcode image format
datamatrix.ImageFormat = System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png

row.Barcode = datamatrix.generateBarcodeToByteArray()
End Sub
To know Data Matrix barcode generation in Web Forms using RDLC barcode control, please view this Barcode Generation Tutorial for RDLC Reports.
Data Matrix Barcode Properties
Free Trial DownloadRDLC Data MatrixData Matrix PropertiesPDF417 for RDLCQR Code for RDLCmoreCodabar for RDLCCode 39 for RDLCCode 128 for RDLCEAN-8 for RDLCEAN-13 for RDLCEAN 128 for RDLCIntelligent Mail for RDLCInterleaved 2 of 5 for RDLCISBN for RDLCITF-14 for RDLCRM4SCC for RDLCUPC-A for RDLCUPC-E for RDLCmore
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