QR Code Generator Add in for Microsoft Word Document
How to create, print QR Code barcode in MS Word with mail merge, no font install, free download

How to generate, display, print QR Code barcode in MS Word with mail merge without using font. Free download.

  • Support QR Code generation & creation in Microsoft Office Word 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007
  • Advanced & automatic word addin compatible with GS1 standard for QR Code generation
  • Pre-configured QR Code images generated in accordance with ISO/IEC 18004
  • Professional QR Code barcode images really available for almost all printers
  • Insert QR Code directly into your MS Word document with just a few mouse clicks
  • Freely add QR Code barcode in word douments and adjust QR Code barcode parameters
  • Provide everlasting and royalty-free user licenses for this Word Barcode Addin Trial
QR Code Introduction
Each QR Code is a regular square array constructed of several nominally square modules, including an encoding region and function patterns, namely finder, separator, timing patterns, and alignment patterns. Function patterns cannot be used to encode data, and the QR Code symbol is surrounded by quiet zone on all four sides.

QR Code image has 40 Versions, ranging from Version 1 to Version 40. So, there are 40 sizes of QR Code in all and the size begins from 21 X 21 modules and up to 177 X 177 modules (not including quiet zone), increasing in steps of 4 modules per side.
Download QR Code Barcode Addin for Word
Users are free to download this trial version of QR Code Barcode Addin for Word Trial. After you unzip it, below contents will be visible in the package.
  • KeepAutomationWord2007Addin.exe
  • KeepAutomationWord2010Addin.exe
  • End user license agreement, installation tutorial and order page
Please pay attention that you can use this free QR Code Barcode Addin for Word Trial for an unlimited period of time. However, you cannot use it for commercial implementations because a "KA Barcode" watermark is included in the generated QR Code barcode images.
How to Install QR Code Barcode Addin for Word
Install this Word barcode addin to create QR Code barcode images in accordance with steps below.
  1. Download "KA.Barcode for Word Trial" and unzip it.
  2. Make certain that you have closed all Word documents on your computer.
  3. Double click "KeepAutomationWord2007Addin.exe"/"KeepAutomationWord2010Addin.exe".
  4. Now a tab called "Add-Ins" is placed in the Word menu bar.
How to Create A QR Code Barcode in Word
Generate QR Code barcode images in Microsoft Word documents in accordance with steps below.
  1. Click "Add-Ins" -> "Insert Barcode" in a new Word document.
  2. A barcode setting panel pops up on the right side of the document.
  3. Select "QRCode" in the "SYMBOLOGY" pull-down menu.
  4. Input valid data in the text box of "VALID DATA".
  5. (Optional) In the barcode setting panel, modify the parameters of the barcode.
  6. Click "Insert" to finish the generation of a QR Code barcode on the document.
  7. Users can also customize the created barcodes by changing image settings, then click "Update".
How to Insert QR Code Barcodes in Serial Letters
Insert QR Code barcodes in serial letters in accordance with steps below.
  1. Open a new Word document and click "Add-Ins".
  2. Click "Insert Barcode" to activate a barcode setting panel.
  3. Go to "Mailings" tab and click "Select Recipients" to choose recipients.
  4. Click "Use Existing List" or "Type New List" or "Select from Outlook Contacts".
  5. Generate a QR Code barcode in the Word document.
  6. Ultimately, click "Finish & Merge" to edit, print or email your documents.
How to Generate QR Code Barcode Labels in Word
Generate QR Code barcode labels in Word in accordance with steps below.
  1. Click "Add-Ins" tab in a new Word document.
  2. Activate the barcode setting panel by clicking "Insert Barcode".
  3. Switch to "Mailings" and click "Start Mail Merge" -> "Labels".
  4. Select the label size in the pull-down menu and click "Select Recipients".
  5. Click "Type New List" or "Use Existing List" or "Select from Outlook Contacts".
  6. Create a QR Code barcode in the first cell of the document.
  7. Click "Update Labels" and the remaining part of the document will be filled with the same barcodes.
  8. Now click "Finish & Merge" to choose other services.
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