.NET QR Code Barcode Reader

.NET QR Code Barcode Reader for .NET, C#, ASP.NET & VB.NET
  • Fully written in Visual C#.NET 2.0
  • Consistent with .NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and later version
  • Have fast reading speed
  • Support reading distorted QR Code barcode images
  • Read QR Code barcodes from all angles
  • Scan multiple QR Code barcodes in a single image file
  • Support GIF, JPEG, PNG & TIFF formats
Download QR Code Barcode Reader for .NET
You are allowed to download KA.Barcode Reader for .NET for free. This unzipped trial package contains:
  • KeepAutomation.BarcodeReader.dll
  • End user license agreement, user manual and order page
Note that: You are able to use this trial version permanently without charge. The first character of a barcode symbology is decoded randomly by our .NET Barcode Reader.
.NET QR Code Barcode Reader Developer Guide
  1. Add KeepAutomation.BarcodeReader.dll to your project reference.
  2. Refer to the following C# & VB codes.
C# Sample code
     using KeepAutomation.BarcodeReader;
String[] datas = BarcodeReader.readBarcode("C:\barcode.jpeg", BarcodeType.QRCode);
VB Sample code
     Imports KeepAutomation.BarcodeReader  
Dim datas As [String]() = BarcodeReader.readBarcode("C:\barcode.jpeg", BarcodeType.QRCode)
.NET Barcode Reader Licenses & Prices
Free Trial DownloadRead QR CodeLicense & SupportData Matrix for .NETPDF417 for .NETCodabar for .NETCode 39 for .NETCode 128 for .NETEAN-8 for .NETEAN-13 for .NETInterleaved 2 of 5 for .NETUPC-A for .NETUPC-E for .NET
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