KA.Barcode for Java
Guide for Encoding Alphanumeric Data in Java QR Code
Complete QR Code source code to generate, print EAN-13 images using Barcode Generator for Java Control

Java QR Code Generator Library: generate, print QR Code in Java class, applet with free download, Java example source code

QR Code Generator for Java Features
  • Encode QR Code valid data with valid data length to generate QR Code images in Java
  • The generated QR Code image resolution can be set to be a fixed value with your need
  • Java QR Code generation component supports rotating QR Code image with 0, 90, 180, 270 angles
  • Common-used image formats are valid here, which are png, tiff, gif, jpeg and bmp
  • Supports Java Reports software to set your wanted size of QR Code
  • Easy to Integrate QR Code Generator other properties in your Java applications
  • Mature & Reliable Java QR Code generation library with latest barcode symbology ISO Standards
  • Java Server Side projects (JSP, Servlet, EJB, J2EE, Web Service) can be easily integrated
QR Code for Java Valid Character Set
QR Code, is also named as Denso Barcode, QRCode, Quick Response Code, JIS X0510, ISO/IE18004. It can encode:
  • numeric data: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • alphanumeric data: digits 0 - 9; upper case letters A -Z; nine other characters: space, $ % * + - . / : )
  • byte data (default: ISO/IEC 8859-1)
  • Kanji characters
In this case, there are five types of character set when implementing Java QR Code generator to choose to generate, create, and draw QR Code barcodes with your programming need.
  • 0 (MODE_AUTO) for all humanized characters
  • 1 (M_NUMERIC) for numeric data (digits 0 - 9);
  • 2 (M_ALPHANUMERIC) for alphanumeric data (digits 0 - 9; upper case letters A -Z; nine other characters: space, $ % * + - . / : );
  • 3 (M_BYTE) for byte data (default: ISO/IEC 8859-1);
  • 4(M_KANJI) for Kanji characters
Related QR Code Java Generation Setting Guide
QR Code generator for Java consists of complete QR Code generation concerned setting guide for developer excepting Java QR Code Size Setting.
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Variable Data length for Encoding QR Code in Java
As one of the 2D barcode symbologies, Java QR Code also has a large capability of encoding data with variable data length to meet your properly need.
Java QR Code Valid Character Implementation
For encode and generate high quality QR Code images in Java applications, here are examples for each character set to encode. Before encode data, please do as the following steps tells.
  • Install Java QR Code generator and set up it;
  • Built QR Code obecject, like QRCode barcode = new QRCode();
  • Encode your needed data set as below.

Encode Numeric Digits

Select Numeric Data mode in QR Code Java barcode generator and gives numeric data as string value of data property.

Set Alphanumeric Characters

Select Alphanumeric Data mode for QR Code Data Mode and gives Alphanumeric data as string value of data property.

Set Byte Data

Set QR Code Data Mode to be and gives byte data as string value of data property.

Encode Kanji Data Characters

Select Numeric Data mode in QR Code Java barcode generator and gives Kanji data as string value of data property.