Linear Barcode Generator for Java

Easily Generate and Insert Advanced Linear Barcodes in Java Applications
  • Completely developed in Java for any operating systems with Java Virtual Machine
  • Java linear barcode generation library in accordance with latest ISO Standards for linear barcodes
  • Allow any untrained users to insert linear bar code into Java applications
  • Supports 22 linear barcode types such as Code 39, Code 128, EAN-128, UPC-A, etc
  • Generate linear barcodes images to be printed with any printers, including those low resolution printers
  • Wide Bar to Narrow Ratio can be set between 2.0 to 3.0 for Code 39 in Java
  • Simple to change the height of linear images by setting the Y (height of bar module) or barcodeHeight
  • Available to adjust leftMargin, rightMargin, topMargin and bottomMargin to meet your need
Java Linear Barcode Generator Component
EAN & UPC Barcodes for Java
  • Derived from the longer European Article Number (EAN-13) barcode
  • Mainly used small packages, such as cigarettes and pencils
EAN-8 Barcode Creation in Java Class: With this Java Barcode Generator, users are allowed to easily create EAN-8, EAN-8+2, EAN-8+5 barcode images in Java class. Users can also changing multiple properties of EAN-8 to customize their barcode images.
  • A continuous and self-checking symbology which has fixed data length
  • Originally adopted in supermarkets to identify products at the point of salse
EAN-13 Barcode Creation in Java Class: EAN-13 barcode generator for Java is professional in creating high quality EAN-13 and many other linear & 2D barcodes in Java class. It also supports to create barcodes in iReport and BIRT. Additionally, flexible barcode settings will help users to get user-defined barcode images.
  • Also known as GS1-128 and UCC-128, subset of Code128
  • Widely used for goods and palettes in commerce and industry
EAN-128 Barcode Creation in Java Class: With this EAN-128 barcode generator for Java, developers are able to generate standard EAN-128 barcode images in Java class, iReport and BIRT. A detailed developer guide is provided to assist in linear barcodes creation in Java class.
  • Fixed data length with 12 characters, including the check digit
  • Widely applied to retail in North America and in countries including the UK, Australia and New Zealand
UPC-A Barcode Generation in Java Class: This barcode generator for Java is designed to create great quality UPC-A and many other 1D & 2D barcodes in Java class, iReport and Eclipse BIRT. A variety of barcode properties are available for users to adjust.
  • Also known as Universal Product Code version E, UPC-E+5, UPC-E+2, UPC-E0, E0, UPC-E1
  • A variation of UPC-A which allows for a more compact barcode by eliminating "extra" zeros
UPC-E Barcode Generation in Java Class: Java UPC-E Barcode Generator DLL is developed for UPC-E barcode creation in Java class. With this product, users are able to implement and configure UPC-E barcodes with provided property settings.
Alphanumeric Barcodes for Java
Code 39
  • A discrete and self-checking symbology which has variable data length
  • Widely adopted in non-retail environment, especially for books and tickets
Code 39 Barcode Generation in Java Class: This barcode generator for Java allow users to generate barcodes and adjust the parameters of them easily. The generated barcode images completely compitible with latest ISO barcode encoding standards.
Code 93
  • Also called ANSI/AIM Code 93, ANSI/AIM Code 93 & Uniform Symbology Specification Code 93
  • Primarily used by Canadian postal office to encode supplementary delivery information
Code 93 Barcode Insertion in Java Class: With this Java Barcode Generator SDK, users can generate professional Code 93 barcode image for Java application. The generated barcode images can be saved in four formats (PNG, BMP, GIF and JPEG).
Code 128
  • A continuous and high-density linear barcode with variable data length
  • Extensively used in many applications where a relatively large amount of data must be encoded in a relatively small amount of space
Code 128 Barcode Insertion in Java Class: This product can be used to easily generate Code 128 and other linear & 2D barcode images for Java application. Rich parameters of barcodes are provided for users to customize their barcodes.
  • Linear barcode type designed in 1972 by Pitney Bowes Corp
  • Used by U.S. blood banks, photo labs, and on FedEx airbills
Codabar Barcode Insertion in Java Class: Codabar Barcode Generator for Java is a professional and advanced Java library component for Codabar generation in Java applications. It also offers free tutorial for creating high quality Codabar barcodes in Java class quickly.
Numeric Barcodes for Java
Code 11
  • Developed as a high-density numeric-only symbology
  • Encode the numbers 0 through 9, the dash symbol (-), and start/stop characters
Code 11 Barcode Creation in Java Class: As a robust and reliable barcode generation control, Java Barcode Generator allows developers to draw Code 11 and other linear barcodes in Java development environment. And it also enables barcodes to be printed into various image formats.
Code 2 of 5
  • A low-density numeric symbology that has been with us since the 1960s
  • Commonly used in photofinishing and warehouse sorting, and sequentially numbering airline tickets
Code 2 of 5 Barcode Creation in Java Class: This Java barcode generation component is compatible with almost all operating systems, like Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003, etc. It also support to display Code 2 of 5 symbol in iReport and Java reporting software.
MSI Plessey
  • Developed by the MSI Data Corporation based on the original Plessey Code
  • Widely used for inventory control, marking storage containers and shelves
MSI Plessey Barcode Generation in Java Class: MSI Plessey Barcode Creator for Java is completely compatible with Java SDK 1.4.2 and later versions. Detailed MSI Plessey barcode generation example is provided. It also supports other linear barcodes creation in Java class.
Interleaved 2 of 5
  • Also known as ANSI/AIM ITF 25, ANSI/AIM I-2/5, Uniform Symbology Specification ITF & USS ITF 2/5
  • Primarily used in the distribution and warehouse industry
Interleaved 2 of 5 Barcode Creation in Java Class: As one of mature, professional and advanced components, Java Barcode Generator Control is compatible with Java SDK 1.4.2 and later versions. It is an easy-to-use barcode generator for Java that enables developers to get customized Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode images.
  • International Standard Book Number, a unique numeric commercial book identifier
  • Also called Bookland EAN, ISBN-13, ISBN-10 & ISBN+5
ISBN Barcode Creation in Java Class: ISBN Barcode Creation Control for Java is an efficient barcode generation component which is compatible with almost all operating systems, like Windows 7, XP, etc. It supports PNG, BMP, GIF and JPEG four image formats.
  • Abbreviated from International Standard Serial Number
  • An eight-digit number which identifies periodical publications
ISSN Barcode Generation in Java Class: KeepAutomation developed ISSN Barcode Component for Java to generate barcode images in Java, iReport and Eclipse BIRT applications. It is easy to generate ISSN and other linear barcodes in Java with a free user manual.
  • Also known as UPC Shipping Container Symbol ITF-14, ITF14 & Case Code
  • Usually used on product packaging levels by encoding Global Trade Item Number
ITF-14 Barcode Making in Java Class: This Java ITF-14 Barcode Component is a barcoding functionality of Java Barcode Generator. It help users create high quality ITF-14 barcodes in Java class. Users can reset the barcode size through setting the properties of barcode width and barcode height.
Postal Barcodes for Java
  • Alias DHL Identcode and Deutsche Post Identcode, an implementation of Interleaved 2 of 5
  • Used by German Post (Deutsche Post AG) (Deutsche Frachtpost)
Identcode Barcode Making in Java Class: It is one of the most professional and powerful Java barcode components which enables implementers to add high-quality and advanced Identcode barcode images. The generated Identcode barcodes are compatible with latest Identcode barcode encoding specifications.
Intelligent Mail
  • The next generation in the evolution of USPS barcode technology
  • Effectively incorporates the routing ZIP code and tracking information
Intelligent Mail Barcode Creation in Java Class: It is so easy to generate Intelligent Mail barcode images in Java using this barcode component. Besides, users are free to adjust the parameters of Intelligent Mail barcode images.
  • Also called CodeLeitcode, German Postal 2 of 5 Leitcode & Deutsche Post AG (DHL)
  • Gives an indication of the destination of mails
Leitcode Barcode Creation in Java Class: This product is a powerful and advanced barcode generator SDK which allows users to rotate barcode image into 0, 90, 180 & 270 degrees. It creates Leitcode and other linear barcodes in Java class easily.
  • A 12- or 14- digit barcode & two-track barcode similar in structure to the POSTNET
  • Used to identify and track customer��s piece of mail by US Postal Office
PLANET Barcode Generation in Java Class: With PLANET Barcode Generator for Java, developers are able to draw and embed linear PLANET images in Java applications. It also enables users to customize their PLANET barcode images by adjusting parameters freely.
  • Also known as USPS POSTNET Barcode & USPS POSTal Numeric Encoding Technique Barcode
  • Developed by the US Postal Service to encode ZIP Code information on letter mail
POSTNET Barcode Creation in Java Class: POSTNET Barcode Component for Java is an easy-to-use barcode generator, which is suitable for developers who are not familiar with barcode specifications. It also allows for linear barcode generation in iReport and Eclipse BIRT.
  • Encodes alpha-numeric characters (0-9, A-Z), as well as start and stop bar characters
  • Used by the Royal Mail for its Cleanmail service in United Kingdom
RM4SCC Barcode Creation in Java Class: Generating RM4SCC is easy to be implemented with this Java Barcode Creation Library and no other barcode component is needed. All the RM4SCC barcode images created by this product are compatible with latest barcode specifications and industry standards.
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