KA.Barcode for Java
EAN-13 Image Setting for Java
Create and print EAN-13 linear barcodes with setting fixed image resolution, format, colors, rotation, etc using Java
EAN-13 Barcode Generator for Java Overview
  • Encode EAN-13 valid data with valid data length to generate EAN-13 images in Java
  • EAN-13 barcode can be set in the center, right or left of the image
  • Show text can enable or disenable with Java EAN-13 generator
  • Unit of Measure can change the generated EAN-13 image in Inch, CM or Pixel
  • Text margin, text font can influence the size of EAN-13 in Java
  • Easy to set the EAN-13 barcode image width in Java by changing the X(width of barcode module)
  • Applet allows EAN-13 easily integrated into web pages
  • Detailed tutorial guide for Java EAN-13 generator is provided for your easier programming
  • Add 2 or 5 supplement data to encode a supplement barcode beside the EAN-13 barcode in Java projects
Related EAN-13 Java Generation Setting Guide
Java EAN-13 Image Setting Properties

Special Setting for EAN-13 Image

EAN-13 barcode image can be changed with the special data encoding with supplement data which can draw a supplement barcode near EAN-13 barcode image in the right side:
  • supData - the supplement data encoded for supplement barcode for EAN-13 in Java

Common Setting for EAN-13 Image

The following parameters are common properties which can change EAN-13 linear barcode image in Java applications:
  • displayText - EAN-13 image text can be hidden after setting it to be true, default is true
  • rotate - EAN-13 image rotate angle with 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees
  • resolution - EAN-13 image resolution in dpi (short for dot per inch)
  • backgroundColor - the color of EAN-13 barcode image background
  • foregroundColor - the color of EAN-13 barcode image foreground
  • textColor -the color of EAN-13 text under the barcode
  • ApplyChecksum - to add the check sum digit after the EAN-13 encoding data in the text
  • barAlignment - put the barcode in the left, right and center inside the EAN-13 image
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EAN-13 Image Setting in Java - Implementation
Copy the below code for implementing EAN-13 image settings:
BarCode barcode = new BarCode();
// IBarCode.EAN13 for no supplement data encoding, IBarCode.EAN13_2 for 2 supplement data while IBarCode.EAN13_5 for 5 digits supplement code
//EAN-13 in Java can encode 12 numeric digits without check character
//Set EAN 13 supplement data using Java

EAN-13 Image Resolution Setting in Java

//Set EAN-13 image resolution in dpi, default value is 72

EAN-13 Image Placement Setting using Java

//Set EAN-13 rotation angle using Java with four choices - 0, 90, 180, 270 angles
//Set EAN-13 bar alignment in Java with three choices - left, right and center

EAN-13 Image Color Setting with Java

//Set EAN-13 image background color in Java
//Set EAN-13 image foreground color in Java
//Set EAN-13 image text color in Java

Text Setting for Java EAN-13 Image

// Display human readable text or hide it with setting true or false for Java EAN-13
//Add a checksum digit to EAN 13 encoding code to be 13 digits total in the text under EAN-13 barcode image