Java UPC-A Barcode Generator
How to Generate UPC-A in Java Application

How to Generate Linear UPC-A Barcode Images in Java without using font. Free download.

  • A barcode generator designed to create UPC-A barcodes in Java
  • Compatible with almost all operating systems, such as Windows 7, XP, etc
  • Successfully tested in IntelliJ IDEA 5.0 and iReport 3.7.5
  • Easy to be used in JDK 1.5.0_22 and later versions
  • Generate professional UPC-A barcodes in Java class
  • Support UPC-A barcode creation in iReport and Eclipse BIRT
  • Easily adjust the parameters of UPC-A barcode image
  • Created barcodes to be presented in four formats: PNG, BMP, GIF and JPEG
Java UPC-A Barcode Creator Overview
KA.Barcode for Java is a very popular product provided by It is designed to create great quality UPC-A and many other linear and 2D barcodes in Java class, iReport and Eclipse BIRT. A variety of barcode properties are available for users to adjust.
UPC-A Barcode Overview in Java
UPC-A is a continuous and self-checking linear barcode which has fixed data length (12 characters, including the check digit). This barcode is widely applied to retail in North America and in countries including the UK, Australia and New Zealand for tracking trade items in stores.
UPC-A Encodable Character Set
  • Numeric digits: 0-9
Download UPC-A Java Barcode Generator
Here is a trial version of KA.Barcode for Java barcode generator. You can download it to generate barcode images in Java applications. After it is downloaded and unzipped, you will find:
  • com.keepautomation.barcode.jar
  • "barcode" folder & "java-barcode-api" folder
  • End user license agreement, user manual, and order page
Note: You can only use this free Java barcode generator trial version for testing purposes because a "KA Barcode" watermark may appear on barcode images generated with this trial version randomly.
How to Add UPC-A Barcode in Java Class

Steps for Installing KA.Barcode for Java
  1. Step One: Download and unzip the trial version of KA.Barcode for Java.
  2. Step Two: Copy "com.keepautomation.barcode.jar" file from the unzipped package to your Java project library folder.
  3. Step Three: Add "com.keepautomation.barcode.jar" to your project reference.
Demo Code for Inserting UPC-A in Java
Here is a sample code for adding a UPC-A barcode in Java class. It should be noted that the properties of UPC-A can be modified freely. You can copy this code in your projects to create a sample UPC-A barcode now.
Sample code
     public static void main(String[] args)

BarCode upca = new BarCode();




catch (Exception e) {
Insert UPC-A in iReport Through JRRenderable Implementation
KA.Barcode for Java has another function of adding UPC-A barcodes in iReport through JRRenderable implementation. More detailed information about how to create UPC-A barcodes in iReport through JRRenderable is presented in the user manual in KA.Barcode for Java free trial package. Download KA.Barcode for Java free trial package now!
Create UPC-A in iReport Through Servlet Web Application
With KA.Barcode for Java, developers can also generate UPC-A barcodes in iReport Through Servlet Web Application. To view more contents about how to add UPC-A barcodes in iReport through servlet web application, please refer to the user manual in KA.Barcode for Java free trial package.
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