KA.Barcode for InfoPath
How to Generate UPC-A Barcode for InfoPath
How to embed, print or insert UPC-A barcode images using MS Office InfoPath barcode add-in
  • Cost-effective UPC-A Barcode Add-in for Microsoft Office InfoPath
  • Compatible with drawing UPC-A image in Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003/2007/2010
  • Directly developed from the UPC Barcode International Standard: ISO/IEC 15420
  • Create UPC-A barcodes in Office InfoPath forms without programming skills required
  • Easy to install the Office UPC-A InfoPath barcode generation add-in
  • Generate UPC-A Supplemental 5 digits and UPC-A Supplemental 2 digits in Office InfoPath
  • A single UPC-A barcode and batch UPC-A barcodes creating support in Office InfoPath Forms
  • Automatically check digit calculation for UPC-A barcodes in Office InfoPath forms
  • Flexible barcode size support allows users to configure the UPC-A bar width and height
UPC-A Barcode Introduction
UPC-A is a continuous barcode with a variable length, which is the standard version of UPC barcode. It is also known as Universal Product Code version A, UPC-A+5, UPC-A+2, UPC Code, UPC Symbol, GTIN-12, GS1-12 and UCC-12. UPC-A is not self-checking, but its check digit can be calculated from 12 encodable characters. When an implied leading zero is added to the GTIN-12, a UPC-A barcode symbol can be decoded as a 13-digit number. Besides, UPC-A is usually used in North America, and some other countries including the UK, Australia, and New Zealand for tracking trade items in stores.

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UPC-A Encodable Data:
  • 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
How to Install UPC-A Barcode Add-in for InfoPath
  1. 1.
    Please close all your Microsoft Office InfoPath before installation
  2. 2.
    Download the InfoPath UPC-A Barcode Encoding Add-in
  3. 3.
    Unzip the UPC-A Barcode Add-In for InfoPath Package
  4. 4.
    Double click to run the setup file
  5. 5.
    Now you can open Microsoft InfoPath to insert UPC-A barcodes
How to Insert UPC-A Barcode in MS InfoPath
  1. 1.
    Create a new Office InfoPath form for creating UPC-A barcode
  2. 2.
    Switch to the UPC-A barcode add-in and open the barcode control panel
  3. 3.
    Select the UPC-A barcode from the barcode list
  4. 4.
    Input data for UPC-A barcodes into the data box
  5. 5.
    To configure the UPC-A properties, just input the value in the barcode property box
  6. 6.
    Click "update", an UPC-A barcode image will display on your InfoPath forms