KA.Barcode for Eclipse BIRT
How to Generate QR Code in BIRT Reports
How to Create, Print 2D QR Code Barcode Images in Eclipse BIRT Reports
  • Easy integrated into Eclipse BIRT Report applications to generate QR Code with birt reports
  • Print valid matrix barcode QR Code images in BIRT version 2.x, 3.x, 4.x
  • Support integrating 2D barcodes QR Code, Data Matrix & PDF-417 in birt reports also
  • Draw and save QR Code bar codes in gif, jpeg, png, tiff, and bitmap formats
  • Multiple properties for selection, such as QR Code version, data mode, ECL, Structure Append, etc
  • A variety of barcode options are user-defined, including module width, height, resolution, orientation, etc
BIRT QR Code Barcode Overview
Barcode Generator for BIRT is an easy-to-use barcode encoder component featuring QR Code generation & barcoding in birt report, with which developers can easily integrate QR Code images in Eclipse BIRT projects. Besides, the user-friendly interface provides easy access to customize generated QR Code images like size, orientation, resolution, and so on.
What Is A QR Code Barcode
QR Code, also named as Denso Barcode, QRCode, Quick Response Code, JIS X0510, ISO/IE18004, is a popular matrix barcode with fast readability and large storage capacity. QR Code could be scanned by smart phones like Blackberry, iPhone, and Windows Phone 7.5.
QR Code Barcode Valid Data Set
  • numeric data (digits 0 - 9);

  • alphanumeric data (digits 0 - 9; upper case letters A -Z; nine other characters: space, $ % * + - . / : );

  • byte data (default: ISO/IEC 8859-1);

  • Kanji characters
QR Code Barcode Property Settings in Eclipse BIRT
Property Default Value Note
Barcode Symbology Code128Auto Barcode symoblogy type
CodeToEncode "128" Barcode value to encode.
Tilde Enable false Set the Tilde Enable property to true, if you want use the tilde character "~" to specify special characters (such as non-printable chars) in the input data.

2-byte character (Unicode): ~6ddddd (character value from 00000 ~ 65535) Strings from "~665536" to "~699999" are unused

SJIS: from ~9ddddd (Shift JIS 0x8140 ~ 0x9FFC and 0xE040 ~ 0xEBBF)
Barcode Size
Auto resize false If true, barcode X, Y module will be auto-adjusted.
Unit of Measure Pixel Unit of measure for all size related settings. Pixel; Inch; CM.
X 2 Barcode module width (narrow bar).
Y 75 Linear barcode bar height / 2D barcode module height.
Margin Left 0 Barcode image left margin.
Margin Right 0 Barcode image right margin.
Margin Top 0 Barcode image top margin.
Margin Bottom 0 Barcode image bottom margin.
DPI 72 Barcode image resolution in dpi.
Orientation 0 Barcode rotation angle. (0, 90, 180, 270)
QR Code Specific Settings
QRCode Data Mode AUTO AUTO : It allows encoding all 256 possible 8-bit byte values. This includes all ASCII characters value from 0 to 127 inclusive and provides for international character set support

ALPHANUMERIC: It allows encoding alphanumeric data (digits 0 - 9; upper case letters A -Z; nine other characters: space, $ % * + - . / : ).

BYTE : It allows encoding byte data (default: ISO/IEC 8859-1).

NUMERIC : It allows encoding numeric data (digits 0 - 9).

KANJI : It allows encoding Kanji characters.
QRCode ECL L QRCode Error Correction Level.
QRCode Version 1 Valid values are from 1 to 40.
FNC1 Mode None To encode GS1 compatible QR-Code barcode, you need set FNC1 Mode value to "Enable".