KA.Barcode for Eclipse BIRT
How to Generate Code 39 in BIRT Reports
How to Create, Print Linear Code 39 Barcode Images in Eclipse BIRT Reports
  • Automatically add checksum digit for Code 39 according to ISO+IEC+16388 specifications
  • Easily integrate into Eclipse BIRT reports to generate Code 39
  • Create linear Code 39 barcode in Eclipse BIRT from verison 2.6 to 4.8
  • Support other linear and 2d barcodes, such as Code 128, EAN-13, EAN-128, UPC-A, UPC-E, Data Matrix
  • Make scannable 1D Code 39 barcode images with high resolution that can be printed by almost all printers
BIRT Code 39 Barcode Generator Overview
KA.Barcode Generator for BIRT is an outstanding barcode generator plugin for Eclipse BIRT reports. This barcode encoder plug-in supports Code 39 barcode generation in BIRT reports as well as other 1D and 2D barcode symbologies. And you can also customize the generated barcode images.
What Is A Code 39 Barcode
Code 39, also named as 3 of 9 Code, USD-3, Alpha39, Code 3/9, Type 39, USS Code39, is a self-checking linear barcode which encodes alphanumeric data. Code 39 is widely used in non-retail industries.
Code 39 Barcode Valid Data Set
  • 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

  • Uppercase letters (A - Z)

  • - (Dash), $ (Dollar), % (Percentage), (Space), . (Point), / (Slash), + (Plus)

  • Code 39 Extension Generator support all 128 ASCII characters
Code 39 Barcode Property Settings in Eclipse BIRT
Property Default Value Note
Barcode Symbology Code128Auto Barcode symoblogy type
CodeToEncode "128" Barcode value to encode.
CheckSum Char Enable false Set to true, adding barcode checksum digit.
Tilde Enable false Set the Tilde Enable property to true, if you want use the tilde character "~" to specify special characters (such as non-printable chars) in the input data.

2-byte character (Unicode): ~6ddddd (character value from 00000 ~ 65535) Strings from "~665536" to "~699999" are unused
Barcode Size
Auto resize false If true, barcode X, Y module will be auto-adjusted.
Unit of Measure Pixel Unit of measure for all size related settings. Pixel; Inch; CM.
X 2 Barcode module width (narrow bar).
Y 75 Linear barcode bar height / 2D barcode module height.
Margin Left 0 Barcode image left margin.
Margin Right 0 Barcode image right margin.
Margin Top 0 Barcode image top margin.
Margin Bottom 0 Barcode image bottom margin.
DPI 72 Barcode image resolution in dpi.
Orientation 0 Barcode rotation angle. (0, 90, 180, 270)
Barcode Text Style
Show Text true Set to true, displaying barcode value text, otherwise do not display.
Code 39 Specific Settings
Display Code 39 Star Stop Chars true Set to true, displaying Code 39 Start and Stop character (*).
Wide Narrow Ratio 2.0f Code39 wide bar width vs narrow bar width ratio.