ISSN Symbology Introduction
ISSN Overview

ISSN is short for International Standard Serial Number, which is a unique numeric periodical publications identifier potentially machine-readable. It is also known as International Standard Serial Number, ISSN-13, ISSN-10, ISSN+5, ISSN+2, ISSN Supplement 5/Five-digit Add-On, ISSN Supplement 2/Two-digit Add-On.

Besides traditional periodical publications, such as newspapers, magazines, etc, ISSN is able to assign to electronic serials (online, CD-ROM, DVD') and to electronic 'ongoing integrating resources', including websites, databases, wikis and other ongoing integrating resources.

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ISSN Data Encoding Instruction

ISSN Character Set

Character Set Types: Numeric-only

Character Set Breakdown:
  • 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

ISSN Data Length

Data Length Types: Fixed-length (8 digits)

(Data Length in digits)

ISSN Structure Introduction

ISSN is made of 6 parts: a starting quiet zone, GS1 prefix, ISSN number, sequence variant, a check digit and a stopping quiet zone.

Quiet Zone

Quiet zone is a light margin around ISSN symbol at four sides with nothing to print. You may set quiet zone of left, right, top, and bottom according to your needs.

GS1 Prefix

ISSN barcode is created using EAN Standard with a special prefix to signify ISSN barcode. Often, GS1 prefix is a 3-digit number of "977" that is available by EAN International.

ISSN Number

ISSN number is a 7-digit number, which is divided into two 4-digit group with a hyphen in the middle.

Sequence Variant

A two digit space is used to hold the number of times the issue price has changed since the bar code was first used on the publication. The sequence variant is used to signify a change of price. It can be used to signify a permanent change or a "special" issue at a different price from the regular one.

Check Digit

ISSN barcode has a check digit in the end of data sequence, which is calculated on Modulo 11 algorithm and represented by Arabic numerals 0-9 or an uppercase letter X.

ISSN Supplement Data

ISSN barcodes support supplement 2 or 5 digits to add on.

ISSN-2 Barcode

ISSN-2 barcode is also called as ISSN Supplement 2-digit barcode, which indicates magazines and newspaper issue numbers

ISSN-5 Barcode

ISSN-5 barcode is also called as ISSN Supplement 5-digit barcode, which marks for retail price of books.