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How to encode GS1 data message in barcode (GS1-128, GS1 Data Matrix, GS1 QR Code) in Microsoft Excel?

How to generate, display, print linear, 2d barcode labels in Microsoft Excel with Macro formula support without using font. Free download.

What is GS1 data?
The GS1 data message includes one or multiple element strings, and an element string is the combination of a GS1 Application Identifier (AI) and its data field.

Here is a sample GS1 data message: (01)99012345678909(15)241015(21)abc. There are totally three element strings.

01 - GTIN (identification of a trade item). The AI Code will be followed by fixed 14 digits

15 - Best before date. The AI Code will be followed by fixed 6 digits in YYMMDD. The example date here is Oct 15, 2024

21 - Serial number. A serial number is assigned to an entity for its lifetime. When combined with a GTIN, a serial number uniquely identifies an individual item. A serial number is in a variable length from 1 to 20 alphanumeric chars.
How to create barcode with GS1 data in Excel?
Here we will create a demo GS1 QR Code barcode with valid GS1 data encoded in Excel.

To generate, insert GS1 QR Code in Microsoft Excel document, you need apply the following setting in the Excel Barcode Settings pane.
Choose Barcode Symbology Type as "QR CODE"
Key in barcode GS1 data as "(01)99012345678909(15)241015(21)abc"
Under "2D Barcode", Enable option "GS1 Compatible Barcode"
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