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How to encode data in barcode in Microsoft Excel?

How to encode, generate barcode from numeric digits, ASCII, extended ASCII charts in Microsoft Office Excel without font. Free download

Create barcode from numeric digits in Excel
All barcode symbologies support encoding numeric digits into barcodes. However some barcode symbologies supports fixed length digits encoding only. Such as EAN/UPC barcodes, Intelligent Mail, PLANET, POSTNET postal barcodes.

Using KeepAutomation Barcode for Excel add-in, you can easily generate barcodes from digits in Excel document. However if your barcode data includes the barcode checksum digit (it is usually the last digit), please remove it. The barcode generator for Excel will automatically calculate the check digit and append it to the end of the barcode data.
Create barcode from ASCII characters in Excel
Some barcode symbologies support encoding ASCII characters in barcodes. Such as Code 39, Code 128, and all of the 2d barcodes, QR Code, Data Matrix and PDF-417.

Using KA.Barcode for Excel add-in, you can encode ASCII characters directly into supported barcodes. If the barcode data includes some non-printable chars in ASCII, please view the details at How to encode non-printable chars in barcodes in Excel?
Create barcode from extended ASCII characters in Excel
Extended ASCII is a version that supports representation of 256 different characters. It usually includes the full ASCII 128 chars, and plus up to 128 additional characters.

The limitation of the 8-bit extended ASCII character set is that it can only represent up to 128 characters. This means that it cannot support characters from languages other than English, as well as special characters and symbols.
Encode non-printable characters into barcode in Excel
ASCII includes 128 chars, and 95 chars are printable ones, and the rest are all non-printable characters.

Since you cannot directly key-in those non-printable chars in the Excel, to encode these non-printable characters in barcode in Excel, you need use our software defined the special control char "~", and followed by the ASCII value of the non-printable char.
More data encoding in barcodes in Microsoft Excel
There are more barcode data encoding in Excel. Please view the details here:

How to create barcode with GS1 data in Excel?

How to create barcode with Unicode text in Excel?
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