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How to Generate Barcodes in Eclipse BIRT

How to Create & Create Linear and 2D Barcode Images in Eclipse BIRT Report
  • Allowed to be installed in almost all operating systems, like Window 7, XP, etc
  • Completely compatible with Eclipse BIRT 2.5.2 or later versions
  • Create barcodes in accordance with the latest barcode specifications
  • Easy to insert great quality linear and matrix barcodes in BIRT with evaluation freeware
  • Support to create more than 20 barcode types, including QR Code, Code 39, etc
  • Rich barcode property settings are available for users, such as bar width, bar height, etc
  • Save created barcodes in PNG, BMP, GIF and JPEG image formats
Download KA.Barcode for Eclipse BIRT
Perpectual Evaluation
This free trial evaluation of Barcode Generator for Eclipse BIRT can be used without time limitation.
Evaluation Restrictions
For a "Trial" watermark is included in generated barcode images randomly, Barcode Generator for Eclipse BIRT Evaluation cannot be used for any business application. Please purchase the applicable developer license for business applications.
How to Install KA.Barcode for Eclipse BIRT
  1. Download and unzip "BIRT Barcode Generator" from
  2. Copy "com.keepautomation.barcode.birt_2.2.1.jar" file to your Eclipse plugins directory "\eclipse\plugins".
  3. Now you have installed the BIRT barcode plugin.
How to Generate Barcode in Eclipse BIRT
  1. Create a blank report in your Eclipse BIRT Report project.
  2. Select new data source: "Classic Models Inc. Sample Database" in the "New Data Source" pop-up window.
  3. In "New Data Set" pop-up window define a sql query: Click "CLASSICMODELS" and select "CUSTOMERS". Then put your cursor behind "1 select" and double click "CUSTOMERNUMBER (INTEGER)". Type a comma after "1 select CLASSICMODELS.CUSTOMERS.CUSTOMERNUMBERS" and then double click "CUSTOMERNAME(VARCHAR)". Now put your cursor after "2 from" and double click "CUSTOMERS".
  4. In the "Palette" pull-down menu, drag and drop "Table" to the report editing section. Now click the "Data Explorer" and select "Data Set". Then drag and drop "CUSTOMERNUMBER" and "CUSTOMERNAME" to the first and second column of the report Detail Row section respectively.
  5. Click "Palette" pull-down menu again and then drag and drop "Barcode" into the third column of the report Detail Row section: "Barcode Display Area". Right click the barcode report item which is added just now and select "Properties" to edit barcode properties.
  6. All the barcode properties are under the "General" tab. (Note: when you set barcode properties like "Data", make sure the input content is surrounded by ""). Select the text box of "Data" and input "row["CUSTOMERNUMBER"]" to replace the default "Code-128". Lastly, click "Preview" and the barcodes are created successfully.
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