KA.Barcode for .NET Suite
Guide for Resizing Code 11 Barcodes in C#.NET
Complete C# source code to generate, print Code 11 images and change barcode size with .NET Control

  • Create high quality Code 11 Png, Gif, Jpeg, Tiff, or Bmp files in .NET projects using C#

  • Provide properties X and Y to set the width and height of the module bar

  • Support the width setting of surrounding margins

  • Support the width and height setting of the whole Code 11 image

  • Provide cm, inch, and pixel as the unit of measure

  • Capable of printing Code 11 with minimum X

  • Also be capable of drawing maximum X in a fixed Code 11 image width

Code 11, also named as Code11, USD-8, UDD8, is a common linear barcode widely used for telecommunications.

Furthermore, this Code 11 barcode control (KA.Barcode Generator for C#.NET) also be adopted to:

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Code 11 Size Setting Introduction

Width Setting

The width of Code 11 barcode image is influenced by the parameters in the following table.

Parameter Parameter Description Range Related Property
Image Width(W) The width of the Code 11 image - BarCodeWidth
Module Bar Width (X) The width of the module bar in Code 11 X ≥ 1 pixel X
Left Quiet Zone Width (Q1) The space between the left edge of the image and the leftmost bar; Q1= 10 X + Left Margin Width Q1 ≥ 10X LeftMargin
Right Quiet Zone Width (Q2) The space between the right edge of the image and the rightmost bar; Q2= 10 X + Right Margin Width Q2 ≥ 10X RightMargin

Supplement note: the quantity of data characters also has an influence over the width of the barcode. See C# Code 11 Size Setting - Image Width Setting.

Height Setting

The height of Code 11 barcode image is made up by Top Margin width, Bottom Margin width, Bar Height, space between barcode and text, and the height of Text.

Parameter Parameter Description Range Related Property
Image Height (H) The height of the image H ≥ 5mm or 15%W H
Bar Height (Y) The height of the bar - Y
Top Margin Width The height of the top margin ≥ 0 TopMargin
Bottom Margin Width The height of the bottom margin ≥ 0 BottomMargin
Text Height The height of the human readable text font - Text Font
Text Margin The space between symbol and text ≥ 0 TextMargin

In the following section, you will see how to make changes to these parameters in .NET projects using C#.NET.

How to Use C#.NET Code 11 Generator Size Setting Properties

C#.NET Code 11 Generator provides C#.NET developers with a full set of properties for Code 11 size setting.

Before starting size setting, please install C#.NET Code 11 Generator and add the following code as namespace reference.

using KeepAutomation.Barcode.Bean;

using KeepAutomation.Barcode;

using System.Drawing.Imaging;

Input the following C# Code to use C#.NET Code 11 Generator where Code 11 bar code image is needed.

BarCode code11 = new BarCode();

code11.Symbology = Symbology.Code11;

Input a string value for CodeToEncode, which will be encoded as data in your Code 11. Pay attention to the data encoding instruction for Code 11.

code11.CodeToEncode = "123";


Property BarcodeUnit is in control of unit of measure. Before setting the bar width and image size, you should know for sure all the properties in the coming passages are based on the unit of measure. BarcodeUnit defaults as Pixel, and you can change it to cm or inch.

code11.BarcodeUnit = BarcodeUnit.Pixel;


Property X (Float; Default: 1) is used in Code 11 module bar width setting. Try to set X using C# code as follows:

code11.X = 2;

Now, the width of a bar in Code 11 has been changed from 1 pixel (as default) to 2 pixel. You can make it even greater if wider bars are in need.


Property Y (Float; Default: 50) sets the bar height of the Code 11.

code11.Y = 40;

The width of bars in Code 11 has been changed from 50 pixels (as default) to 40 pixels. You can make it even greater or smaller.

BarCodeHeight and BarCodeWidth

C#.NET Code 11 Generator is also equipped with functional properties BarCodeHeight (Float; Default: 0) and BarCodeWidth (Float; Default: 0) to set the size of the whole Code 11 bar code image.

code11.BarCodeHeight = 70;

code11.BarCodeWidth = 175;

Note: If the setting of image size conflict with the settings in bar width or bar height, you can enable AutoResize to make the generated Code 11 compatible with Code 11 barcode specification.

TopMargin, BottomMargin, LeftMargin, and RightMargin

Code 11 C#.NET Generator will generate a quiet zone at each end of the Code 11 symbol automatically. The auto-generated quiet zone is 10X width. You can increase width of quiet zone by increasing the value of properties LeftMargin (Float; Default: 0) and RightMargin (Float; Default: 0). Also, the height of the image can be increased using TopMargin (Float; Default: 0) and BottomMargin (Float; Default: 0).

code11.TopMargin = 10;

code11.BottomMargin = 10;

code11.LeftMargin = 10;

code11.RightMargin = 10;


Property TextMargin (Float; Default: 6 pixel) controls the width of space between Code 11 bar code and the human readable text below the barcode.

code11.TextMargin = 10;