The Rise of the TeleBrain in VS .NET

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The Rise of the TeleBrain
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We already have all the ingredients in place for digital telepathy And we already use primitive TeleBrains Increasingly sophisticated ones will arrive in the next twenty years through a number of engineering advances: 1 Storage TeleBrains with multi-terabyte memory will soon surpass the storage capacity of your own brain Science still does not know exactly how the human brain stores and represents information, and what are the storage limits, but Yoshihiro Shiroishi of Japanese computer maker Hitachi estimates our brains store around 10 terabytes of information He says that by 2010, two Hitachi 35-inch, 5-terabyte hard drives will provide the same storage capacity Next-generation 2-terabyte SDXC (eXtended Capacity) memory cards will be available before then A terabyte is 1,000 gigabytes; it s been estimated that the Library of Congress holds 175 terabytes of text 2 Processors We re seeing the dawn of ultra-fast, dedicated processors, superior to the human brain in certain specialties However, biological computing currently has silicon-based computing beat by a country kilometer The processing capacity of a typical desktop computer is 25 billion instructions per second; your brain can do 100 trillion instructions per second, or 100 tera ops In June 2008, IBM s Roadrunner supercomputer was the rst to break what has been called the peta op barrier of 1,000 tera ops 3 Radios on a Chip One billion Wi-Fi chipsets are being built every year Professor Jan Rabaey of UC Berkeley says chipmakers will soon pack hundreds of dedicated radios on a single chip, and each person will link to thousands of these miniscule radios Radio devices, he says, will become
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cognitive They will automatically nd the most uncluttered spectrum and use the best protocols available Radios will also become more collaborative, joining a mesh network to collectively transmit large amounts of data faster and more ef ciently These radios will connect you directly with other people and other TeleBrains on more sophisticated networks and frequencies 4 Spectrum The amount of data you can get through a radio spectrum channel is rapidly increasing, and radios are on a similar trajectory as computers Wireless broadband connectivity and the open Internet will wire your TeleBrain to the planet 5 Speed Cheap Millimeter-wave Technology (MWT) will soon deliver data short distances over the air at more than 20 gigabits per second, close to the speed you get over ber optic connections MWT operates at radio frequencies of between 60 and 100 GHz, on an uncrowded part of the radio spectrum used for radio astronomy and high-res radar A system on a chip (SOC) with transmission speeds 100 times faster than Wi-Fi and 350 times faster than 35G cell phones has been created by Professor Jri Lee of National Taiwan University It will cost about $1 to produce 6 Video High-de nition (HD) onboard cameras and projectors will let us stream what we see anywhere live or to a storage medium in the cloud Texas Instruments soon-to-be released OMAP 4 family of low-power dual-core mobile chips will allow 1,080 pixel video playback, ten times the Web surfing speed, a 20-megapixel camera, and 130 hours of audio playback 7 Implants In some cases, people will prefer TeleBrain implants with brain-machine interfaces We are already using rudimentary versions of this technology to help people with
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The Rise of the TeleBrain
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nerve damage to do tasks using microprocessors Adding advanced Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will eliminate intrusive wiring and enable something akin to tele-twittering 8 Personal Medicine Your TeleBrain will contain all your personal medical information and genomic maps and will be able to monitor your health and suggest preventive supplements and activities to improve your odds of survival Medical devices such as Dr Bones McCoy s portable scanner from Star Trek will be able to scan your TeleBrain and use the information to reveal internal problems, and in some cases cure them 9 Custom TeleBrains We are now starting to customize, personalize, program, tailor, and train our TeleBrains through free and cheap programs we can download We are using them to extend our own brains, senses, and connections to our world When needed, we will also link with customprogrammed TeleBrains, for, example, to operate our smart cars and smart houses Our personal information in the cloud will be permissions based, using social networking and a form of what Tim O Reilly calls personal CRM customer relationship management 10 Whole Brain Emulation In future, your TeleBrain will be able to hold a software model of your brain that is so faithful to the original that, when run on appropriate hardware, it will behave much like your original one 11 TeleBrain Power Wireless power management is a big problem, and things may get worse before they get better RIM has pioneered many power-saving technologies, but we need superbatteries or power cells that can hold a charge longer so they can power hot processors and super-highspeed data transfers Every increase in CPU power or data transfer speed equals a further drop in battery life between
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