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BlackBerry Jam
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able to e-mail the police for help because data sent to and from BlackBerrys relies on servers and satellite networks different from the networks cell phones use Quick access to vital information can also mean the difference between life and death The Seattle Police BlackBerry Program, which began in 2004, lets bike of cers, who don t have access to an in-car computer, tap directly into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), Washington Crime Information Center (WACIC), and Department of Corrections (DOC) databases, allowing of cers to pull up records within ve to ten seconds Before this, of cers had to radio in to the dispatcher in the 911 center and wait up to ve to ten minutes for a response depending on how busy the dispatcher was The BlackBerrys allow the of cers and detectives to be much more proactive, while also cutting down requests to the 911 center by hundreds of hours Since the program began, police in the eld have run more than 35,000 queries In Britain, Tony McNulty, minister for policing, says the country is investing 50 million to deliver 10,000 mobile data devices to forces It is just one element of a range of improvements that we are delivering to cut unnecessary bureaucracy, exploit new technologies and enable police of cers to spend more time on front line policing The East Midlands police forces have just invested 83 million from the fund in 4,000 BlackBerrys and vehicle-mounted computers One suspect caught in Nottingham surrendered immediately when the of cer called dispatch and got them to send a picture that matched his description In 2009, the of cers on the beat were given direct access to driving license records Richard Hitch, project manager for mobile systems, says, Before, of cers were radioing in name checks and getting the control room to run police national computer checks Now those with BlackBerrys can do that themselves
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Nottingham desk sergeants are using the devices to issue missing persons alerts They can also decide, based on GPS and images from the eld, whether a site needs evacuation or roadblocks3 The Thames Valley Police are also supplying BlackBerrys to police of cers and community support of cers (PCSOs) The devices will combine their phones, e-mail, and calendar and give of cers access to Britain s police national computer (PNC) system
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The indicator of a good speaker is how many BlackBerrys are out When you see half-a-dozen BlackBerrys come out, it s time to end the meeting Kim Nelson, CIO, US Environmental Protection Agency Many managers adopting BlackBerrys nd unexpected bene ts in the day-to-day use of the device: When an employee leaves the of ce for vacation or business travel, there is no longer much need to designate a colleague to take over The BlackBerry reduces the need for extensive backup BlackBerry users make better use of their time away from the of ce, and they get a heads-up on what s happening so they re not hit by a tidal wave of information when they return Employees can respond to e-mails anywhere in the world while on the go; they can also update their schedules using the calendar function, eliminating the need to call back and forth to a secretary
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3 Guy Woodford, BlackBerry Cops Taking the Fight to Notts Criminals, This is Nottingham, Dec 27, 2008<*>
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BlackBerry Jam
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BlackBerry e-mailing and messaging are perfect for quiet and secure interpersonal communications when you don t want to use your phone in a public place Managers can approve travel vouchers and purchases directly on their BlackBerrys Laptops can sometimes be left at home for business trips Replacing printed materials with wireless Internet and e-mail can save of ces thousands of dollars a year in paper and recycling costs BlackBerrys also have another, less publicized function: they provide a way to pass the time, even during dull meetings or endless presentations
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BlackBerrys have become not just time savers but life enhancers as well Now, it s been shown that older users of BlackBerrys and other smartphones can save brain cells as well A UCLA study, published in The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, suggests that searching the Web helps stimulate and improve brain function In its 2008 study of twenty-four healthy people between the ages of fty- ve and seventy-six, UCLA s Memory and Aging Research Center found all participants showed the same brain activity when asked to read a book, but the group who were Web-savvy also registered activity in areas of the brain that control decision-making and complex reasoning Our most striking nding was that Internet searching appears to engage a greater extent of neural circuitry that is not activated during reading but only in those with prior Internet experience, said principal investigator Dr Gary Small The study results are encouraging
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