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The Planet Goes BlackBerry
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So they grumble that BlackBerrys have become wireless leashes that bind them to work off hours, whether they like it or not I still believe the premise that someone in my position is entitled to some personal time, said one US Defense Department employee I ve had guys say they d kill for one, but I don t like the fact that I am electronically tethered twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week 24 While Barack Obama treasures his BlackBerry as a way to stay connected with the outside world, others welcome any excuse to ditch the device and go on an enforced digital holiday In April 2007, when RIM s North American networks went down for ten hours, one major investment bank warned that important deals might fall through But many other users breathed a sigh of relief, grateful for the break from their BlackBerry shackles The smarter BlackBerry users in government learn that the key is knowing when to turn it off, when to avoid being always on Some leaders have taken direct action to give people a break Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty banned BlackBerrys from Cabinet meetings, saying that It s really hard to receive information and be thoughtful at the same time Others have instituted BlackBerry blackout The wisest of Washington s wireless warriors know there is a time and a place for everything DC s exclusive Metropolitan Club, incorporated for literary, mutual improvement and social purposes, lets its members cope with the surrounding Sahara of silicon by offering a green digital oasis and watering hole The club rules state simply that members and their guests must not take notes at the tables or use their BlackBerrys So how did a device such as the BlackBerry become so addictive that managers actually need to control its uses and abuses The best place to look for clues is in the story of the BlackBerry s birth and early development
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24 Alina Tugend, Blackberry Jam, Government Executive, November 1, 2004
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The Birth of the BlackBerry
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Mike is a modern Leonardo da Vinci Ken Wood, Microsoft Corp Cambridge, England The founder of Research in Motion and the lead architect of the BlackBerry was born Mihalis Mihal Lazaridis in 1961 in the bustling Greek quarter of Istanbul, Turkey Mike s father, Nick, worked as a clothing salesman, and his mother, Dorothy, was a seamstress In 1966, they grew worried about rising Turkish-Greek tensions in the Aegean Sea and Cyprus Eager to make a fresh start, the family decided to pull up stakes and start a new life in Canada Nick and Dorothy sold their business and, packing all their belongings into just three suitcases, ew to London, England, then took an ocean liner to Canada One of Mike s rst boyhood memories was ying his bird-shaped kite over the stern of the ship as it steamed over the Atlantic Ocean He was captivated by the motion of the boat and how the wind kept the kite in the air Reaching Montreal after a six-day voyage, the family caught a train to Toronto, then Windsor, Ontario, across the river from the great motor city of Detroit, Michigan Nick got a job on the
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Chrysler Canada assembly line and Dorothy settled into working from home Mike was just ve years old Young Mike grew up in a hard-working, blue-collar neighborhood with good schools and libraries His parents and teachers soon realized he was a sponge for knowledge, and they encouraged his lifelong love affair with science At age four, he made a model phonograph out of LEGO and then at age eight, a working pendulum clock He got turned on to electricity by an electric train At age twelve, he won a prize at the Windsor Public Library for reading every science book on the shelves I was fascinated by all of it, particularly physics and electronics, Lazaridis said One book that really caught my attention was The Boy Electrician by Alfred Morgan, which showed me how to make ampli ers and generators and things like that I got a few electric shocks making them 1 He was always in the basement concocting something, says his younger sister, Cleo In grade six, Mike and best friends Doug Fregin and Ken Wood (a pastor s son who later became a Cambridge professor) set up a rec room workshop, where they built radios, rockets, and iodine bombs made from chemicals supplied by Ken s mother, a science teacher One Halloween, the boys constructed a mechanical haunted house in the church basement of Ken s father, with screaming heads, grasping hands, and ying bats Mike and his friends were all rabid fans of the Star Trek TV show The original Gene Rodenberry series, starring Montreal actor William Shatner as Captain James T Kirk, was packed with gadgets, including wireless handheld communicators, scanners, and tricorders, cloaking devices, laser surgery, and desktop computers Star Trek s futuristic tools inspired the boys to start some serious tech tinkering Mike and Ken Wood even decided to see
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