Tenet Five: Infrastructure Development in .NET

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Tenet Five: Infrastructure Development
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The developing economies of today are on the threshold of an explosion into a new world of superhighways and soaring skyscrapers, of mega power plants and super-size oil re neries The boom in infrastructure development is breathtaking It is estimated that at any time over half of the construction cranes in the world are located in China The golden quadrilateral highway connecting the four corners of India is an example of the mammoth projects that are catching world attention In Brazil, President Lula hoped to jump-start the country s economy by heavily investing in building airports, roads, railways, and seaports The phenomenal opportunities afforded by this growth in infrastructure are greatly bene ting companies from advanced nations Coincidentally, this comes at a time when such growth is slowing to a trickle in their own domestic economies The building boom sweeping these developing countries re ects industrialization and the continuing urbanization of populations desperate for shelter, roads, vehicles, power, running water, and sewage treatment This is
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resulting in jobs, growth, and pro ts for both these consuming nations and suppliers Shanghai already resembles New York City, and other developing cities far and wide are likely to follow
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Tenet Six: Transparency and Rule of Law
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It is dif cult to suggest that the emerging countries are currently meeting the high standards usual among developed nations for transparency and rule of law The level of transparency the degree to which government meetings and decisions, corporate budgets, and nancial statements are open to public scrutiny is a signal of fairness and openness, as there is less opportunity for authorities and executives to abuse the system in their own interest Transparency varies from country to country, yet all are aware that the biggest con dence booster for foreign governments and investors is a country s ability to be transparent and have an established rule of law, along with an impartial judicial system to enforce laws and contracts One measure of perceived transparency is the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index In 2006, Mexico, China, and Brazil each scored 33 on this index, on a scale of 1 (least transparent) to 10 (most transparent), indicating signi cant room for improvement In contrast, South Korea scored 51 and Hong Kong scored 83, re ecting the relative maturity of their legal and nancial disclosure rules
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Tenet Seven: Education and Training
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Investments in education add signi cantly to a country s ability to generate growth in the future by strengthening its competitive workforce Government spending on education for children and young adults includes salaries for teachers and money for supplies such as books and equipment, as well as capital spending on new schools Funding for college and graduate education is often tied to industries that are identi ed by the government as having strategic value to the country, such as health care or technology China and India generate millions of college graduates annually who are entering the workforce with greater opportunities in the job market This rise in intellectual capital will contribute to the movement toward higher wages and successive increases in disposable income In 2005, for example, China produced some 31 million college graduates, nearly three times that of the United States Moreover, China s engineering graduates that year numbered more than 600,000, compared to about 70,000 American engineering graduates These gures demonstrate a keen sense of urgency in many of these developing countries that growth of intellectual capital is the gateway to riches by expanding productivity and innovation
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Tenet Eight: Sound Financial Systems and Policies
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The chances that a country s economic growth prospects will be realized greatly increase if the government sets policies that promote orderly nancial markets and manages its nances to control in ation and keep debt under control Adequate regulation of the banking systems, including minimum capital requirements and standards regarding investments and underwriting activity, fosters greater con dence in banks as repositories When citizens trust banks and keep their savings in bank deposits, these institutions can in turn lend those funds to businesses that need capital to grow Controlling in ation is equally important, since high in ation rates erode purchasing power and create a disincentive to saving In the 1980s and 1990s, for example, Brazil s economy was crippled by periods of hyperin ation, resulting from poor scal policies as the government printed currency to fund spending From 1980 to 1997, the cost of goods in local currency increased by one trillion The annual in ation rate in 1990 alone was 30,377 percent Real gross domestic product (GDP) growth (GDP adjusted for in ation) stagnated as a result, barely keeping pace with population growth These eight tenets are the basis for the extraordinary development occurring around the world today This development is creating exciting investment opportunities in select countries for those willing to take the plunge Investing in developing nations is not without risks, but the potential payoffs are huge Below, we give you an introduction to these countries
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