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Sound Financial Systems and Policies: Favorable
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Mexico s efforts during the last decade to strengthen its nancial stability and improve the accountability of government have resulted in a nancial situation that compares favorably to most other countries in Latin America Thus, it is a favorable area for investors for various reasons First, public debt is declining along with government budget de cits The new Budget and Fiscal Responsibility Law requires that future administrations aim for a balanced budget If adhered to, the new law promises a more stable future for Mexico s nancial stability Second, Mexico s banking system has strengthened considerably since the peso crisis of 1994 brought the nancial sector to near collapse By 2006, the nonperforming loan ratio of Mexico s commercial banks had declined to 2 percent, down from 51 percent in 2001, and bank profitability had increased dramatically (according to the Economist Intelligence Unit) Third, bank reforms have led to better nancial policies and economic growth Of the country s ve largest banking groups, four are owned by foreign companies: BBVA-Bancomer (Spain), Banamex (owned by USbased Citigroup), HSBC (United Kingdom) and Banco Santander Mexicano (HSBCSpain) Mercantil del Norte (Banorte) is the sole remaining large domestic bank The infusion of capital from foreign-owned banks may help fuel faster loan growth, as will recent reforms in bankruptcy legislation that provide lenders with tighter loan guarantees and processes for recovering bad loans These reforms could lead to lower lending rates, helping to stimulate growth These sound nancial systems and policies have had positive impacts on Mexico s economy, especially the resulting lower in ation rates In ation has been cause for concern in Mexico s past, with in ation reaching about 100 percent per year just 20 years ago Today, monetary authorities have set an in ation target of about 3 percent per year, a little lower than the 35 percent to 4 percent rate achieved in recent years In ation has trended
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Six Sizzling Markets
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steadily downward since 2000, when the annual consumer price index hit 95 percent A 3 percent to 4 percent annual rate is only slightly higher than typical US in ation rates Nevertheless, Mexico s capital markets are still underdeveloped, with business loans the exception rather than the rule Lending to personal borrowers is increasing, now about $35 billion or 42 percent of GDP, while mortgage lending is also rising and reached 91 percent of GDP in 2006 Commercial lending is still lagging, at about 54 percent of GDP, in part due to a culture of weak enforcement of loan contracts As a result, corporate loans for the largest companies are typically comprised of short-term bank credit lines of less than a year Smaller companies may have access to nancing through government-guaranteed loans, but this total is still minuscule, at less than 1 percent of GDP Mexico s securities markets have grown more slowly than comparable economies in terms of companies listed on domestic exchanges In 2004, for example, the Republic of Korea s gross national income was similar to Mexico s ($600 to $700 billion), but it had 10 times the number of exchange-listed rms The recent improvements in shareholder protections are expected to encourage more companies to issue new shares on Mexico s stock exchange
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Mexico s Growth Industries
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Individuals who live in the United States may be limited in their ability to purchase shares in Mexican companies directly Some convenient ways to invest include mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) The sectors of Mexico s economy most available to investors include telecommunications, materials, and consumer products Table 194 shows a closer look at some promising industries within these sectors
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