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Philosophical Fears
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From this fear of biologically rooted death we move to the human psyche, and to some philosophical re ections of human nitude In much western writing, not least from the USA in the midtwentieth century, the fear of death assumed a dominant though varied role In part this came on the back of the world wars and the subsequent Cold War between the West and Communism In the 1950s the philosophical theologian Paul Tillich (1886 1965) said of his generation, We have become a generation of the End , (1973: 279) For him the complacency of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries had had its lid torn off , with the picture of death returning as in the Middle Ages with its gure of Death the Dance of death reappearing in and through war, Holocaust and forced exile Ironically, the anthropologist Geoffrey Gorer saw these death fears as being hidden rather than displayed Indeed, he famously couched these attitudes to death in terms of pornography, with death having replaced sex as a topic avoided in ordinary life (1956) Here we witness an irony over the twentieth-century fear of death The preacher advances it as a description of the human condition, the anthropologist describes it as a hidden force One way of allowing each
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140 Fear of Death
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some credibility is to develop the topic of the fear of death as a form of fear of life Many philosophers, whether professional or, for example, as existentialist novelists, have seen that attitudes to death are closely related to our sense of identity, to the way we live and to the meaning we sense in the life we lead With this in mind I would argue that fear of death is related to the fear of life This fear of life is, itself, grounded in a multitude of fears, from war to plague and poverty In particular, the fear of life is the ultimate fear of life s meaninglessness Failure to face the fact that one s life is, at some level, senseless is the fear of life This can involve the fear that one is not really loved by one s closest family and friends to the fear that one s life endeavours actually amount to nothing Similarly, younger or middle-aged people, much caught up in many ventures, making plans for their work and for their growing family, may well fear death as that which cuts across their accustomed sense of being in control of life While an old person may long to meet their deceased spouse in the afterlife, the successful executive and family man fears what might befall his wife and children in his absence So, too, with many a mother whose fear is for her children more than for herself The decline of religious belief, whether in a historical culture through some process of secularization or in an individual s own life, can also foster a questioned and doubted identity and lead to fear But care must be taken not to exaggerate this fear of life nor the fear of death For there are some who, contrary to popular image, do not fall under its imperious control These include those with large families and much to show for their life s work, as well as those suffering from terminal illness or simply much wearied by old age and possessing a sense of either awaiting an afterlife or of simply having come to the end of their life journey A degree of welcome resignation to death is not uncommon amongst the very old So, too, where religious traditions are strong and in uential people often possess a high degree of
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