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From Respect to Dignity
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Central both to custom and innovation is the idea of the dignity of the dead, a word that is increasingly in uential We have already seen how death rites mark the changing status of the dead This does not mean that the position the dead held during their life is ignored but that it is acknowledged as death now takes the individual away Life relationships involve respect as part of the mutual obligations people owe each other, and these elements of respect and obligation also progress through funeral rites To speak of the dignity of the dead is to mark the respect they were paid during life and to indicate that certain obligations still remain Dignity is the form taken by respectful duty when the subject is dead But dignity includes yet another feature; it is the very fact that human bodies bear life itself Life is not as 60 Removing the Dead
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easy to de ne as may at rst appear; indeed, the development of medical science and technology has made it more complex than it was before, and yet it is the basic feature of human, as of other forms of existence Though life-support machines may perpetuate the existence of human bodies, for the great mass of people the difference between life and death is stark and obvious The value that has been brought to bear upon life as the human species has taken ever more complex forms of social and cultural life upon itself is quite marked The United Nations Charter for Human Rights is but one example of the value of life and of the ever-increasing sense of the quality of life that developed societies see as imperative for fostering through politics and every other means possible The very notion that life is cheap in particular contexts has become anathema to those charged with political leadership, let alone religious leaders for whom the value of the individual before God has become a charter for many forms of welfare activity The main enemy of the value of life at the beginning of the twenty- rst century is the value of money in the hands of those deemed to be criminal and who use people as the means of their own enrichment The modern form of slavery described as traf cking in people with monetary extortion triggering illegal immigration for work or for sexual prostitution is one sign of the moral complexity of contemporary life It is precisely in such contexts that life becomes cheap and the death of many a mere incident in the process of international criminality Similarly with terrorism, and the political wars of numerous societies In economically successful parts of developed societies of Europe, America and Australasia life has become increasingly viewed as precious, with attitudes that extend to the natural environment as the matrix for human survival and ourishing Against that kind of transformed view of life the dignity of the dead takes on additional signi cance as a this-worldly concern Many speak of the dignity of the dead precisely because of the importance of life in a world of increasing options for self-development Removing the Dead 61
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Death-Style and Belief
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Contemporary life, especially for those in successful parts of developed societies, has become increasingly grounded in personal choice over lifestyle, accentuated and facilitated by consumerism Within such market-economies it is possible to speak not only of lifestyle but also of death-style One of the most distinctive features of these particular twenty- rst-century consumers is that a signi cant number in developed societies no longer believe in a life after death Here the difference between the USA and many western European countries is considerable Levels of general religious practice and belief in the USA are higher than in most European countries, and this extends to ideas of the afterlife Although Communism is easily forgotten after its rapid decline in the USSR and other European countries in the closing decades of the twentieth century, it was, in its day, in uential in creating rituals to cover many aspects of life, from the rst day at school to actually becoming a member of the working class Death was no exception; forms of funeral rites were actively constructed for the party faithful and were, obviously, not based on religious tenets In Russia, for example, cremation was strongly encouraged, partly as a means of weaning Orthodox Christians away from their traditional funeral liturgies Cremation in many other European societies, especially in the northern countries with a Protestant cultural heritage, allowed new rites to emerge that drew people away from the sole in uence of the churches In chapter 8 we will return to these issues in terms of thisworldly attitude towards human destiny, not least in relation to growing ecological concerns
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