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When thinking about complex architectures, agility is not the word that comes to mind However, properly designed services can be far more agile than monolithic applications Changes to the underlying nature of the services can be made without concern for the rest of the application The pains of deployment can also be eased because deployments don t require the entire application to be updated with each change The ability to change underlying service implementations without affecting the rest of the application provides implementation agility Switching databases or changing message queues or even changing languages can be done without worrying about the rest of the system This kind of agility is often overlooked in the Rails community, but it becomes a huge asset to applications that mature over a period of years Using services allows for changing or updating underlying libraries without having to dig through every part of the application code base to make sure everything is still working as expected In the Ruby community, a good example of an advantage offered by services is the planning for migration to Ruby 19 Services provide greater agility in making these kinds of updates Services can be upgraded to 19 as the libraries they use are confirmed to work Thus, services can take a phased approach to upgrading to use Ruby 19 and take advantage of its features
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Making the Case for Service-Oriented Design
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One of the keys to maintaining agility in a service environment is proper versioning Each service interface should be versioned when an update includes a breaking change As long as the design includes the ability to run multiple versions of a service simultaneously, it s possible to keep somewhat agile with respect to interface changes If an update to the service API is additive that is, it doesn t change existing calls and only adds new functionality the service can remain at the same version
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For large heterogeneous environments, interoperability is an important requirement When working with multiple languages or interface with legacy databases, legacy systems, or external vendors, using services is a great way to connect with these systems Web-based interfaces to these systems can provide the ability to flex with changes without breaking sections of an application The HTTP interface also prevents being tied to a specific messaging implementation that might otherwise be used to communicate with these systems Services ease interoperation with internal and external systems and with systems written in languages other than Ruby Internal interoperability refers to interfacing with systems written in different languages within an environment Some of these systems already expose their functionality through a web API Apache Solr, a Java-based indexing and search server, is a great example of a system that provides a service interface By interacting with this interface, Ruby developers can take advantage of all the work done on this project without having to call into the Java code directly by using something like JRuby The Solr interface is usually called by other services and applications within an environment External interoperability refers to the need to interface with external systems such as those from vendors Many external services also provide a web-based interface for their customers Examples include SimpleDB, SQS, SalesForce, Github, Lighthouse, Twitter, Facebook, and countless others Writing clean, performant Ruby client libraries is key to bringing these services into an application Writing client libraries is covered in detail in 6, Connecting to Services, and 7, Developing Service Client Libraries Environments with multiple languages in use benefit from the use of HTTPbased services While Ruby is a great programming language, it isn t always the best tool for every job If a section of an application would benefit from being implemented in Erlang, Scala, or even Java, HTTP services can provide the message bus for interaction between these disparate setups
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