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Services that are well designed provide an application with a robust architecture That is, the architecture is able to withstand stress on the system and changes in the operating environment without loss of functionality The underlying environment in which services run can change while a service continues to operate without the service consumers having any knowledge of these changes For those familiar with object-oriented design, the robustness advantages of services may sound similar to the advantages of encapsulation Indeed, with services, the
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Making the Case for Service-Oriented Design
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aim is to achieve encapsulation for entire sections of an application In object-oriented design, encapsulation means that the underlying implementation can be changed without the API consumer s knowledge For services, such changes can include code changes and more drastic changes, such as moving to a different type of database For example, consider a user management service To start with, it includes only basic functionality, such as a user model, authentication, profile data, and a lightweight social network (where people can be friend each other) The initial implementation could use ActiveRecord and a MySQL database As the load on the service picks up, it starts to outgrow the limits of the regular SQL solution Because there is a clearly defined services interface, this can be modified without a single change to the rest of the application Switching underlying data stores could go something like this: After some hand wringing and careful research, you might decide to move the user data to some NoSQL data store, such as CouchDB, Redis, or MongoDB First, you would update the implementation to use the new data store, along with migration scripts to move the data from MySQL to the new NoSQL database Once a new server or two or three have been set up, you could migrate the code and data When this migration is complete, the other sections of the application are still able to access the user management service without ever knowing about the complete change of the underlying data store
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Experienced Rails developers tend to roll their eyes when people mention scalability People outside the Rails community advise against using Rails because they say it isn t scalable Meanwhile, Rails developers know that Rails itself isn t the problem While it s true that scalability in general is difficult, the problem usually comes down to the database A services approach provides more tools and ability to deal with scaling Specifically, using services makes it easy to scale portions of an application individually Data can be split across services, and the performance under load can be optimized for each service A partitioned data strategy is part of service-oriented system design When fully isolating services, you need to make decisions about putting data in one service or another Once data has been partitioned, changes can be made to the individual services based on their scaling needs While one service may need to optimize for data writes, another may optimize for many reads The advantage of a good service design is that these needs can be handled on a case-by-case basis instead of requiring optimization of a single database for all cases
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2 An Introduction to Service-Oriented Design
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Services also make it easier to scale team size When a programming team is larger than six people, it gets hard to coordinate changes in an application One developer s change may step on another s Further, as the code base of the application gets larger, it gets harder to introduce new developers to the system as a whole When an application is split into services, developers can be assigned to a specific service or two Thus, they need to be familiar only with their section of the application, and the working groups can remain small Finally, using services makes it easier to scale the absolute size of an application in terms of the code base Larger applications have too much code for anyone to be familiar with it all at any given time In addition, their tests take longer to run For example, when developing Rails applications, a developer doesn t usually have to dig into the Rails code base Rails provides a layer of abstraction that doesn t often need to be penetrated Services can provide this same layer of abstraction for code and for actual production systems
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