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Custom Implementations
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Many programmers will never need to implement their own collections classes You can go pretty far using the implementations described in the previous sections of this appendix Someday, however, you might want to write your own implementation of a core collection interface
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Reasons to Write Your Own Implementation
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The following list of kinds of collections you might implement is not intended to be exhaustive
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Persistent: All of the built-in collection implementations reside in Java Tutorial, Third want a collectionShort Course onmain next timeand vanish Edition: A that will still be present the memory the VM starts, when the VM exits If you the Basics, The it by building a veneer over an external database Such a collection might you can implement ByMary Campione,Kathy Walrath,Alison Huml conceivably be concurrently accessible by multiple VMs, because it resides outside the VM Application specific: This is a very broad category One example is an unmodifiable Map : Addison Wesley containing real-time telemetry data The keys might represent locations, and the values could be Pub Date : December 28, 2000 read from sensors at these locations in response to the get operation
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Publisher ISBN : 0-201-70393-9 Pages Highly592 : concurrent: The built-in collections are not designed to support high concurrency The
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synchronization wrappers (and the legacy implementations) lock the entire collection every time it's accessed Suppose that you're building a server and need a Map implementation that can be accessed by many threads concurrently It is reasonably straightforward to build a hash table that stands above the rest because it has multiple threads the web the table concurrently, "This booklocks each bucket separately, allowingbeen available on to accessand read by thousands of assuming that they're accessing keys that hash to different buckets Java programmers The authors have received an enormous amount of feedback about which sections are good and which sections are confusing; the confusing ones have been improved I doubt that any other High book has undergone such trial by fire"data structures take advantage of restricted usage Java performance, special purpose: Many -Metroplex Java User Group, to offer better performance than is possible with general-purpose implementations For example, wwwjavamugorg/reviews/ consider a Set whose elements are restricted to a small, fixed universe Such a Set can be represented as a bit-vector learning on the job, The Java(TM) Tutorial, well as low , is a handsWhether you're taking a class or , which offers blinding fast performance asThird Edition memory usage lets you quickly concerns a List with the Java programming language Written by on guide thatAnother examplebecome proficientcontaining long runs of identical element values Such lists, which occur frequently in at Sun Microsystems, the book uses an interactive approach to members of the Java Software team text processing, can be run-length encoded; runs can be represented Java platform by containing help you learn the as a single object example the repeated element and the number of consecutive repetitions This example is interesting because it trades off two aspects of performance: It Since requiresonline release in 1995, the materialan ArrayList Tutorial has been updated its first far less space but more time than in The Java(TM) continuously to reflect reader feedback and new releases of the Java platform This third edition has High performance, general purpose: The Platform, who designed the Collections Framework been thoroughly updated to cover v13 of the Java engineers Standard Edition, as well as preceding tried early as JDK best versions asto provide the11 general-purpose implementations for each interface, but many, many data structures could have been used, and new ones are invented every day Maybe you can You will findup with something faster! fundamentals as objects, classes, and data structures In come clear explanations of such addition, the book provides introductions to object-oriented programming, applet construction, and Enhanced functionality: Suppose exceptions, I/O, and threads To help beginners avoid many user interface design Other topics includethat you need a Map or a Set implementation that offers constant time access and insertion-order iteration This combination and their solutions common mistakes, an entire chapter is devoted to programming problems can be achieved with a hash table, all of whose elements of each section are new to this edition Also new for this list Convenient summaries at the end are further joined, in insertion order, into a doubly linkededition are Alternatively, suppose that you help an practice what you learn "Questions and Exercises" sections to need youefficient bag implementation (also known as a multiset ): aCollection that offers constant time access while allowing duplicate elements It's reasonably After working throughto implement such a collection atop you will be straightforward the lessons in this proven tutorial, a HashMap well prepared to use the Java programming language in your school or workplace Convenience: You may want additional convenience implementations beyond those offered by the Java platform For instance, you may have a frequent need for immutable Map objects representing a single key-value mapping or List objects representing a contiguous range of Integers Adapter: Suppose that you are using a legacy API that has its own ad hoc collections API You can write an adapter implementation that permits these collections to operate in the Java
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Collections Framework An adapter implementation is a thin veneer that wraps objects of one type and makes them behave like objects of another type, by translating operations on the latter type into operations on the former
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