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195 The Service Type Repository
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The service type repository defined by the CosTradingRepos module is a database of service type definitions The trader uses the repository when it requires type information about service offers (such as when it evaluates a search or when an exporter creates a new service offer) The relationship between the service type repository and the trader is shown in Figure 191
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Figure 191 Relationship between trader and type repository
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Each trader uses exactly one type repository (you cannot configure a trader to use more than one type repository at the same time) Several traders can share a single type
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IT-SC book: Advanced CORBA Programming with C++
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repository Typically, a shared type repository is used by traders if they are federated (Strictly speaking, the specification does not require a single, shared repository; however, if traders in a federation use separate repositories, they must somehow ensure that the type information in the individual repositories is identical for those service offers that are accessible to federated queries) Note that the association between a trader and its repository is navigable only from the trader to the repository Given a reference to a repository, you cannot find out which traders are using it The fact that there is no way to get from a type repository to its traders has important consequences, which we discuss on page 847 Each service type in a repository has a name that is unique within that repository, such as Controller The service type name must start with a letter and must otherwise consist of letters, digits, underscore, period, and colon Each service type stores the following information: The repository ID of the IDL interface type A list of property definitions A (possibly empty) list of its parent service types The IDL interface type stored in each service type is the repository ID of the object providing the service For example, if we were to advertise controllers, we might have a repository ID such as IDL:acmecom/CCS/Controller:10 The service type name and the IDL interface name need not be the same or even similar, although, in practice, you will likely choose a service type name that is the same as the IDL interface name We strongly recommend that you either use the fully scoped IDL interface name as the service type name or otherwise ensure that the service type name is unique If you use simple, unqualified names for your service types, you may get a name clash with service types created by other applications For each property, the list of property definitions details the name and type of the property, whether it is mandatory or optional, and whether it is read-only or writable (see Section 1951) The list of parent types contains the service type names of the immediate parent types if the service type is derived Note that the repository supports multiple inheritance because a list of parent types is stored in each service type We discuss the semantics of inheritance in Section 1952 1951 Properties A service type can have any number of properties, including zero Each property is defined by A property name
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IT-SC book: Advanced CORBA Programming with C++
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A type code that determines the type of the property's value The property mode The name of a property must be a simple identifier (following IDL identifier rules), such as Price No two properties within the same service type can have the same name However, because a service type acts as a scope for property names, different service types can use the same property name The property's type is described by a type code (recall from 16 that type codes can be sent across the wire) Because property types are described by type codes, you can have properties of any type, such as string-valued properties, floating-point properties, and so on You can also create properties of complex user-defined type, such as structures or sequences Normally, you have an IDL definition for each property type, but this is not mandatory Instead of defining property types using IDL, you can use the TypeCode interface to create a type code for a property and use the DynAny interface to create a value for a property at run time In practice, to keep applications simple, properties almost always have a static type provided by an IDL definition You cannot use user-defined types, such as structures, as property values and in queries because the query language supports only simple IDL types However, user-defined complex property types can still be useful because an importer can request that the value of properties be returned as part of the result (This shifts the burden of evaluating userdefined properties for matches from the trader to the importer) If an exporter supplies a value for a property, the value must match the property's type; otherwise, the trader will reject the export[1]
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