Connecting Windows Server 2008 to Other Environments 1565 in .NET

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Connecting Windows Server 2008 to Other Environments 1565
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UNIX Integration 1566 NetWare Integration and Migration 1593 Summary 1608
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Internet Information Services 1611
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IIS 70 Architecture Installation IIS Management Certi cates and Encryption 1611 1625 1628 1645
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Server Core Support IIS and Windows Vista Windows Web Server 2008 Summary
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Many people helped in the creation of this book I want to start by thanking Joan Murray, acquisitions editor at Addison-Wesley, who I worked with on this book She had the faith to support this project Those who know me know that I think and talk very fast; I quickly jump from one subject to the next That does not translate well for a book, so I am extremely lucky that Addison-Wesley gave me an amazing development editor team to make my manuscript readable a huge thanks you to Sheri Cain and Susan Brown Zahn When the development edit was complete, the technical editors veri ed that my content was technically accurate and digestible by the reading public, so I thank my technical editors Khaki Cohen and John Ruley There are many other people at Addison-Wesley who I ll probably never communicate with such as copy editors, designers, proofreaders, and the publisher so here s a big thank you to all of them Microsoft provided a great deal of input into this book, which was facilitated by Emily Ohlsen and Melissa Dingle who handled my interaction with the Microsoft program managers There are too many people at Microsoft to thank individually so I want to make this a big thank-you to everyone at Microsoft who helped me with my many questions and for providing their insight Writing this book has taken up a huge amount of my life over the last 24 months I would like to thank my colleagues at EMC for their support throughout this process I feel I should also thank my two best friends, Brad Bartholow and David Covich, who are always there with life advice, keep me focused on what is important, and put up with me insulting them 24/7 I want to thank my parents for making me the person I am which some people will curse them for Along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, my father has always been my hero and the person I want to be Throughout everything, Julie, my anc e, has always been there with unconditional love, understanding, and full support for this project My son, Kevin, has always been there to make me smile, highlight what s most important in the world, and put everything into perspective xvii
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John Savill, BS, MCSE, MS ITP Server Administrator, MS ITP Enterprise Administrator, Clustering MVP, is the Central US manager for EMC s Microsoft technical infrastructure practice and chief Microsoft architect John has worked in infrastructure solutions for 15 years in different industries At the age of 19, John started a frequently asked questions site for Windows NT that evolved into the wwwntfaqcom site, which became the most used NT FAQ on the Internet John is a frequent writer for Windows IT Pro magazine and other major publications such as TechNet Magazine, and this work is John s fourth solo book project John is a speaker at many major technology shows, including Tech Ed 2006, 2007, and 2008 Outside of technology, John enjoys tness activities, such as cycling, running, and weightlifting in addition to practicing martial arts, which he has done since the age of 7 John has lived in the United States since 2004 and received his green card ( nally) at the beginning of 2008
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Everyone knows the saying, Be careful what you wish for It had long been my goal to write a complete guide to Windows Server, but I never felt I had suf cient time to do justice to the subject In the middle of 2006, I convinced myself that I could organize my time to allow the undertaking of writing a book on the largest Microsoft server release ever from scratch I started writing the book a few months later and nished the nal copy editing in June 2008, basically two years from start to nish Fortunately, Microsoft delayed the release of Windows Server 2008 enough that this book will hit bookshelves while Windows Server 2008 is still new to the market With this book, I tried to create a resource that explains the major features of Windows Server 2008, when to use them, how to design the best implementation, and how to manage the deployed environment Windows Server 2008 has so many features that I had to leave some out Those features not discussed are ones I felt would not be interesting to most readers; however, I point out what is not covered and suggest some resources Windows 2008 is trying to put books out of business; however, although the online help is great, it is task focused Therefore, I encourage you to follow the online help tool I concentrate on items that require more design, decision, or are just cool Windows Server 2008 is very customer-focused and focuses on a key number of areas such as virtualization, the Web, and security Usability is also a major area for Windows 2008 A customer does not point to a server and say that s my windows server ; a customer says that s my domain controller or that s my le server Windows Server 2008 is designed around how the server is used Only the basic functions are installed; additional components are installed as roles, and features are added to the server and their management tools accessed through a single server manager interface Design of Microsoft-based systems will change in the future I predict that the process we perform today to design the best practice implementation for our environment will be automated entirely within ten years xix
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and I ll need a new day job Think of the process today: We look at the environment and how to use it and then create a design following experience and best practices We have a number of tools today to help with this: Best Practice Analyzers that check that an installation follows guidelines; System Center Capacity Planner that allows a designer to input information about locations, users, servers, and bandwidth and then creates a server design that services needs; and Microsoft Solution Accelerators that help create solutions with Microsoft technologies The next step is bringing these together System Center Con guration Manager and System Center Operations Manager can ascertain the information needed about an environment This information can then be automatically fed into Capacity Planner-type solutions to produce a best practice design and periodically verify that the design still meets requirements With the move to virtualization, the design tools will partner with deployment technologies to automatically build new virtual machines for services, as needed, without administrator intervention Microsoft already has a direction to this type of environment with the Dynamic Systems Initiative Our involvement will likely be telling these tools about new initiatives and services needed to know what infrastructure to put in place New versions of software such as Exchange can be downloaded and applied automatically, assuming organizations still have local servers and software It s entirely possible everything will be a service offered by a cloud on the Internet which companies subscribe to So with all of that, why is there snow on the cover Snow makes anything look calm and beautiful I hope the cover is calming If ever you start panicking about content in this book, just stop and look at the cover Like they said in the book The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy, Don t panic
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