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Joe enjoys going to movies at the cinema He's 27 years old and has a fast Internet connection at home In the subway one day he sees an ad for a new movie review site At work, he visits this site during his lunch break He's looking for a review of a David Lynch film that just came out, although he doesn't remember the title of the film He brings up the home page, which features reviews of top box-office films The page contains a list of latest releases, including listings of actors and directors He notices that the actors' and directors' names are "clickable," but he decides to click on the film title instead He's presented with a summary of this film, along with an expected release date and a note that a more detailed review will be available later in the day He is invited to register to receive an update on his mobile phone when the review becomes available Joe registers with the site and enters his mobile phone information, after which he is returned to the same page Joe now notices that the name "David Lynch" is clickable He clicks it, and a filmography of David Lynch, along with a short biography of the director, is displayed Joe doesn't recognize one of the films on the list, so he clicks on its title He is presented with a review, which he reads Since this film is on video, Joe follows a link that enables him to buy it from an online movie retailer On his way home from work, Joe gets a message on his mobile phone, alerting him that a review and a summary for the David Lynch film are now on the site At home he brings up a Web browser and types the URL given to him on his mobile phone to access the review He reads the review and then follows a link to book tickets at a theater for the following
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night Going back to the review, he notices that the name of one of the actresses is clickable He clicks on the name to see a full biography and filmography of this actress He then clicks on the title of one of the other films, which, based on the review, he decides to buy on DVD Notice that the user story doesn't mention how the Web page looks, what colors are on the screen, and so on The story is about what Joe uses the application for and how it affects his life Now let's look at our second user story, the story of the movie reviewer, that is, the internal customer
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User Story
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Susan writes film reviews for CyberCinema She is a computer power user, comfortable with her PC, working in a team of five reviewers for a lead editor She finds a message on her PC at work noting that the lead editor has assigned her to write reviews for five films Based on earlier conversations with her lead editor, Susan has notes for four of these film reviews, which she writes up immediately She writes each review separately and submits them all to the lead editor She hasn't watched David Lynch's latest film, so she leaves that one for the last, knowing that she'll be able to see an early screening later in the day As she's finishing her fourth review, her first and second reviews come back to her with edits and suggestions from the lead editor She makes the suggested changes and sends the reviews back to the lead editor In one review, she mentions a previous review that she wrote of a similar film She also annotates each mention of an actor or actress appropriately
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