Interpreting Requirements in Software

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Interpreting Requirements
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music programs Not only was he a musician, but also he provided leadership help where he could Eventually, Bill ended up with an MBA from Colorado University, thus cementing his career as a music entrepreneur After it opened, it didn t take long for Mountain View Music to become popular with the locals Customers from Manitou Springs, Colorado Springs, and the surrounding areas loved the small shop s atmosphere, and they all got along with Bill Mountain View offered competitive prices, and the company had a line on some hard-to-find items Because of this, Mountain View received several calls a day from customers who wanted to order products and have them shipped to other parts of the state In 1995, Bill decided to expand the business to include mail orders This move required a substantial investment in new employees, along with a warehouse from which to ship products The warehouse is located near downtown Colorado Springs Just as hoped, the mail order arm of Mountain View music took off, and soon the company was processing about 500 orders per week This may not sound like a lot, but considering the average order was about $350, the mail order arm was pulling in a little more than $170,000 per week The next logical step for a successful mail order company in the late nineties was the big move to e-commerce Mountain View played with designing its own Web site and started working with a small development company to achieve a more professional look By 1999, the site was in full swing, serving 600 to 700 orders per week Much to the disappointment of the local music community, the storefront in Manitou Springs was shut down in 2000 because it was not as profitable as the online music store Despite some bumps in the road after the dot-com bubble burst, Mountain View Music came through and is still running At this point, Mountain View Music has the typical problem you will see in formerly small companies: a disjointed use of IT Because the company started as a small retail location, it started with everything on pen and paper Since its beginnings, a few computers have been brought in, and some of the company s information has slowly migrated to spreadsheets and a few thirdparty applications Much of this information is redundant, and keeping everything straight has become a bit daunting This is where we come into the picture Mountain View has brought in an outside consulting firm to help it redesign its systems We are that firm s database designers The project is a complete redesign of the current order management systems Mountain View wants a single application with a single database that can manage its business Because all the financial and ac-
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Compiling Requirements Data
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counting work is done by a third-party company, the new system will not need to handle any financials beyond the details of the orders and purchases the company makes For the rest of this book, we focus on the process of building and implementing this new database Along the way we look at some application integration points, but our focus is on the database design
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Compiling Requirements Data
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The first thing you must do after you have all the requirements is to compile them into a usable set of information Step 1 is to determine which of the data you ve received is useful and which isn t This can be tricky, and often it depends on the scope of the project If you re building a new database and designing a new application for your customer, you may find a lot more data that is useful, but not to the database design For example, customers may tell you that the current system needs more fields from which data can be cut and pasted Although this is helpful data, it s something that the application architects and developers need to know about, and not something that concerns a database designer Hopefully, on joint projects, everyone with a role in the project can get together and sort through the requirements together and separate the good from the bad and the ugly We focus on the information that you, as the database designer, really need to do your job The rest of the data can be set aside or possibly given to a different team
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