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the information will you do whatever processing is necessary In most Windows programs, the user would decide what order to enter the information into the program, and would then decide whether to process the information or cancel the operation For a user, this type of interaction is liberating, and provides a more natural and therefore easier to learn way of working with software; data entry can be made more like lling in a form, and complex operations such as manipulating graphics or navigating through a large database can be made more intuitive For a programmer it makes it more dif cult to maintain control of the way a program works, and more likely that the user will leave out important pieces of data or try to perform operations in an order that will not produce the desired result To write successful Windows programs, a programmer must learn to impose control on the user in more subtle ways than simply dictating the order of input
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811 An Example User-Interface Task
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As an example, consider the way you would elicit input data from a user in a program for calculating income tax A person s tax liability is calculated from several pieces of information: their annual income, standard tax allowances based on their family circumstances (marital status, number of dependent children), and extra tax allowances based on various types of expenditure that can be offset against tax (professional membership fees, work related purchases, etc) The actual calculation is based on rates and amounts that vary from country to country However, in general, a number of values must be used to make the calculation possible Let s assume the following gures as a basis for tax calculation:
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Rates, Limits and Allowances for Income Tax Calculations
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(These are not realistic but are for example purposes only) Single person s allowance: 5000 per annum Married couple s allowance: 8000 per annum Child s allowance: 2000 per annum per dependent child Basic tax rate: 20% Basic tax limit: 20 000 of taxable income Higher tax rate: 40% (on all taxable income above 20 000)
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In a console style program, we might use a class design for objects that can do the basic calculations, and we would write methods to make sure that all of the necessary data was entered in strict order before using it in the calculation We would add another method to the tax calculation object for displaying the result, as shown in Listing 81
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8 n WinForms Applications
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Module TaxCalc Class TaxCalculator 'Start by declaring the various allowances and rates Public Shared SingleAllowance As Decimal = 5000 Public Shared MarriedAllowance As Decimal = 8000 Public Shared ChildAllowance As Decimal = 2000 Public Shared BasicRate As Single = 02 Public Shared BasicLimit As Decimal = 20000 Public Shared HigherRate As Single = 04 'Now declare the actual values for a calculation Public GrossIncome As Decimal Public Married As Boolean Public DependentChildren As Integer = 0 Public ExtraAllowances As Decimal = 0 'Methods for the tax calculation Public Function TotalAllowances() As Decimal Dim totAllow As Decimal If Married Then totAllow = MarriedAllowance Else totAllow = SingleAllowance End If totAllow += DependentChildren * ChildAllowance totAllow += ExtraAllowances Return totAllow End Function Public Function TaxableIncome() As Decimal TaxableIncome = GrossIncome TotalAllowances() End Function Public Function Tax() As Decimal If TaxableIncome() > BasicLimit Then Return (TaxableIncome() _ BasicLimit) * HigherRate + _ BasicLimit * BasicRate Else Return TaxableIncome() * BasicRate End If End Function Public Function IncomeAfterTax() As Decimal Return GrossIncome Tax() End Function 'A method to collect the information Public Sub GetData() Dim response As String ConsoleWrite("Enter gross income:") GrossIncome = ConsoleReadLine() ConsoleWrite("Are you married (Y/N) ") response = ConsoleReadLine() Married = (response = "Y") Or (response = "y") ConsoleWrite( _ "How many dependent children do you have ") DependentChildren = ConsoleReadLine()
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