Data Contracts in .NET

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Data Contracts
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This is because extra extension data ( ) is available in the class This way, the service is passing valid V2 data and the client is consuming a valid V1 representation of that data
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Listing 225 Calling a V2 Service with a V1 Contract
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Data Contract Equivalence If you re using WCF to expose a service and using to build a proxy for accessing the service, you typically don t need to be concerned about the wire representation of the messages passed between client and service Data contracts direct WCF to serialize a NET type into an XML Infoset and to deserialize an XML Infoset back into a NET type The XML Infoset might be encoded as text or binary on the wire according to the binding used for communication, but again, the NET code is unaware of the encoding This way, you work with NET types in code but an encoded representation of the standards-based XML Infoset is transmitted on the wire There are cases, however, where you may work with different types in the client versus in the service This could occur if the client and service are developed by different organizations, or if only one side of the communior Add Service cation is using WCF In fact, if you re not using Reference to generate the proxy on the client, there s a good chance that member names on the client will be different from member names on the attribute, service But by controlling those names with the you can make them appear the same in the XML representation As long as both the client and service work with an equivalent XML representation, it s okay for WCF to deserialize the XML Infoset into different NET types If two classes serialize into the same XML schema, the data contracts representing those classes are said to be equivalent For data contracts to be equivalent, they must have the same namespace and name and members The data members must be of the same type and appear in the same order within the XML In summary, they must be indistinguishable on the wire
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2: Contracts
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Listing 226 shows two equivalent data contracts The rst contract is exposed by the service; the second class is described by the client The two are equivalent and generate identical XML Schema De nitions In the service, by default, WCF will order the XML elements alphabetically so the second schema forces the order to be alphabetical Because of the and attributes placed on the DataContract and DataMember respectively, the XSD generated in the second contract is identical to the rst
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Listing 226 Equivalent Data Contracts
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Working with Collections Collections are very convenient data constructs in NET that combine the bene ts of dynamic memory allocation, enumeration, and list navigation Although useful, there is no XSD or WDSL standard equivalent of a collection Therefore, to serialize a collection into XML, WCF treats them as arrays In fact, the wire-level serialization of a collection is identical to that of an ), this array In addition to collections (types that implement or is also true for types that implement the Listing 227 shows a service contract and operation that uses a collection attribute, The collection is decorated with the which is a special WCF attribute speci cally provided for this purpose This
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Data Contracts
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attribute directs WCF to serialize any type that supports method into an array The implements an generic, which implements the base inherits from the interface to enable serialization
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Listing 227 Exposing a Collection from a Service
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and class
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2: Contracts
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Message Contracts
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Message contracts describe the structure of SOAP messages sent to and from a service and enable you to inspect and control most of the details in the SOAP header and body Whereas data contracts enable interoperability through the XML Schema De nition (XSD) standard, message contracts enable you to interoperate with any system that communicates through SOAP Using message contracts gives you complete control over the SOAP message sent to and from a service by providing access to the SOAP headers and bodies directly This allows use of simple or complex types to de ne the exact content of the SOAP parts Just as you can switch from the to when you need complete to control over the data serialization, you can switch from when you need complete control over the SOAP message Passing information in SOAP headers is useful if you want to communicate information out of band from the operation signature For instance, session or correlation information can be passed in headers, rather than adding additional parameters to operations or adding this information as elds in the data itself Another example is security, where you may want to implement a custom security protocol (bypassing WS-Security) and pass credentials or tokens in custom SOAP headers A third example, again with security, is signing and encrypting SOAP headers, where you may want to sign and/or encrypt some or all header information All these cases can be handled with message contracts The downside with this technique is that the client and service must manually add and retrieve the information from the SOAP header, rather than having the serialization classes associated with data and operation contracts do it for you attribute de nes the structure of SOAP mesThe sages There aren t many modi ers to this attribute because its purpose is to de ne the boundary of the message, not the content itself The only modi ers relate to how multiple bodies are wrapped into a single SOAP message, specifying whether to wrap at all and, if so, specifying the name and namespace of the wrapper
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