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Introduction to RPC
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<servlet-mapping> <servlet-name> worldServlet </servlet-name> <url-pattern> /mvpproject/world </url-pattern> </servlet-mapping>
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Note that the servlet-class element value is the fully qualified name of the service implementation class, and that the url-pattern element must match the relative path location of the servlet itself Calling a remote servlet still uses the same sequence: First create the client-side proxy to the remote servlet by writing WorldServiceAsync worldService= GWTcreate (WorldServiceclass), and then call any server-side method by using worldService anyMethod() and including an AsyncCallback<> matching whatever anyMethod() returns5 A final point: When running in development mode, previous versions of GWT included a Tomcat server; GWT 2 uses Jetty instead (Actually, in development you could use any other server, by providing the -noserver parameter for your development launcher configuration) Of course, when you deploy your application (see 15) you can use either of them, or any other equivalent servers
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Serialization is handled transparently through deferred binding, and appropriate serialization/deserialization methods are created at compile time for each class you want to send over the wire (Note that GWT analyzes your code, and these methods will be provided only for the classes you actually send over the wire) Java serialization isn t used (a GWT serialized object is different from a Java serialized object) because GWT makes a far simpler usage of serialization (for example, version IDs aren t needed) and only a few JRE classes are supported However, since GWT 14, javaioSerializable can be used instead of IsSerializable, but be aware that it is treated as a synonym; GWT s own serialization is still used6 The rules that define what types are serializable, are simple: Primitive types (char, byte, short, and so on) and their wrappers (Character, Byte, Short, etc) are serializable
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5 It should be noted that GWT hasn t ever provided, and still doesn t include, any synchronous RPC facilities There are good reasons for this (such as JavaScript not being multithreaded) and you simply have no option to specify a non-Async call 6 If your company uses Java heavily, javaioSerializable is probably the way to go, but only for source code compatibility; keep in mind that GWT s methods are actually used I personally prefer to use IsSerializable, because that won t let me forget I m using GWT s serialization style
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6 Communicating with Your Server
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Enumerations, strings, and dates are serializable7 Throwables are serializable Arrays of serializable types are serializable Not all JRE emulation classes are serializable; however, ArrayList, HashMap, HashSet, Stack, and Vector (among others) are javalangObject isn t serializable; avoid services that simply pass Objects along8
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A class will be serializable if all its attributes are of serializable types, with the exception that transient and final attributes are ignored and don t get serialized and transferred You must implement the IsSerializable interface and also provide a default (no arguments) constructor9 Note that this interface actually has no methods and is only used to let the GWT compiler learn that you are planning to use the implementing class for RPC For efficiency considerations, try to be quite specific and go for concrete implementations rather than interfaces when declaring the types of your attributes For example, in the SuggestBox implementation (which we ll develop later in this chapter) I declare final ArrayList<SuggestionItem> suggestionsList= whereas the standard practice would have called for using List<SuggestionItem>; doing it this way helps the compiler optimize the produced code, for it can tell it needs just the ArrayList serialization code Note that it is even possible to define your own serialization/deserialization methods for any xxxx class, by defining (in the same package of the original class) a xxxx_ CustomFieldSerializer class (magic naming, again) that provides appropriate public static serialize(), deserialize() and instantiate() methods10 Some possible reasons would be efficiency (serializing heavy objects) or availability (legacy objects that do not implement Serializable or IsSerializable or that don t provide the default constructor) As a test, I created a standard application with the GWT Plugin for Eclipse and then modified it a little First, I created a RpcResponse class with a few most, useless fields; this class was meant to be returned by GreetingService:
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package comkerekistdserializeclient; import comgooglegwtuserclientrpcIsSerializable;
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7 Note, however, that only the enumeration names will be sent over; if you have any member variables, they won t be included 8 Furthermore, if you had Object as a return type, the GWT compiler would have to include code for all possible actual classes, thus generating lots and lots of unused code 9 It s easy (ask me how I know!) to forget this no arguments constructor, because even if you don t require it for anything, GWT does 10 Check http://codegooglecom/p/wogwt/wiki/CustomFieldSerializer for more on this
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