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Facebook Terms of Service
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Content Users own the content and information they post on Facebook and can control how this information is shared via privacy and application settings Facebook can use this content until it is deleted by the userAny information collected from users must be by their consent and have an accompanying privacy policy Prohibited Content Facebook will not verify all content, but can ask users to remove it if it violates these termsThis content cannot include the following: Other people s contact and financial information, intellectual property without permission, or information that is fraudulent Alcohol-related or other mature content on pages that have not set appropriate age restrictions Pornography, graphic violence, or anything that Facebook might consider offensive
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Safety Users must interact appropriately and lawfully Users are not allowed to scrape the Facebook site or harvest information without consentThey cannot intimidate, harass, or spam other usersThey cannot use their profiles to show ads, run contests, or sell products Accounts All user accounts must be accurate and current and be created only for and by that userAll users must be over the age of 13, live in a country not embargoed by the US, and not be convicted sex offenders or on the USTreasury Departments list of Specially Designated Nationals Rights Facebook tries to protect user and property rights If Facebook removes suspect content, it can be appealed Users can also claim their own intellectual property No one can use Facebook s trademarks (Facebook, Facebook and F logos, FB, Face, Poke,Wall and the shortcode 32665) without permission Termination Facebook can terminate or suspend access to an account or delete a profile at any time without notice
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Evolving Terms of Service
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In February 2009, Facebook updated its Terms of Use to state that it has the legal right to display archives of user s uploaded photos, messages, and other content after they terminate their Facebook account The rationale was that services in general work like that; when someone sends someone else an email and then deletes their account, the email doesn t disappear from the recipient s inbox A big media frenzy developed, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wrote two blog posts in response In the first, he described how Facebook tries to walk the fine line between allowing maximum sharing of content and maximum control He stated that this area would continue to be a big focus for Facebook, but that sometimes, it would make mistakes In the second post, he said that Facebook was going to revert the Terms back to the previous version and, to help develop the next version, he would ask for user input in creating the documents for the Facebook Bill of Rights and Responsibilities
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5 Facebook Terms of Service and Application Programs
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Users comments were reviewed and the two documents, Facebook Principles and the Statements of Rights and Responsibilities, were released
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Privacy Policy Facebook s Privacy Policy (wwwfacebookcom/policyphp) governs all activity on its website and, by default, all the activity of third-party applications that run within it Developers are responsible for complying with this privacy policy or replacing it with a privacy policy of their own that is at least as stringentThe latest update is as of November 26, 2008 The Facebook Privacy Policy is based around two major principles:
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Users need to control their personal information: what they put in their profile, posts, pictures, and what other users can see via privacy settings Users should have access to information that others want to share and this should be as easy as possible
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To enable this, Facebook is a licensee of TRUSTe (wwwtrusteorg), which is an organization that reviews privacy policies and practices For international users, Facebook also participates in the EU Safe Harbor Framework (wwwexportgov/safeharbor/), which creates a standard set of rules for the EU member countries Facebook collects any information that users enter on their profile or post as content It also collects the browser and IP address of its users, along with information about how a user interacts with the website Facebook can display this information to other users based on the owning user s privacy settings, display it in search results inside and outside of Facebook, and use it as an aggregate for statistics and personalizing ads and promotions Service providers for Facebook might have access to the information, but they are governed by strict contracts on how they can use it Facebook also limits search-engine access to a small portion of user information Changes to a user s profile information are effective immediately, replacing existing representations of that information; however, information that they have shared with others, such as email or comments, can still be displayed
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