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element If so, a few actions are performed First, in order to contribute to the model, you need to access the WSDL binding element Accessing the model binding element requires that you jump though a few hoops, as shown in lines 3 and 4 of the run method You need to cast the structured selection object to an EMF adapter, get the target of the adapter, and cast that to the model binding element Then, to work with the DOM model (which can be easier and more flexible than working with the WSDL model), you need to get the DOM element from the WSDL element Once you have the model element, adding the required WTP SOAP binding elements simply requires that you create new elements for the WSDL binding, binding operation, and input and output elements The method iterates through all of the binding operation and input and output elements as WTP SOAP elements need to be added to all elements in the binding It also adds
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Extending WSDL Validation
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the WTP SOAP namespace to the WSDL definitions element in case it is not already present With the action implemented, go ahead and try it out Launch a runtime workbench and select the menu item (Remove the WTP SOAP elements from the WSDL document if they are already present) This time the menu item does not tell you that it can t run as you ve now defined the action The action runs and adds the WTP SOAP elements to the WSDL document There are of course many more enhancements you can make to the generate binding action, such as checking if a WTP SOAP binding or other binding element already exists, using the existing namespace declaration instead of declaring a new one, formatting the WTP SOAP element additions in the document, and providing a way for users to specify their own values for the style and transport attributes The rest of these enhancements require additional logic and UI changes and are left up to you to implement as an exercise
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Extending WSDL Validation
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At this point you ve configured the WSDL editor to handle SOAP binding elements in the WTP SOAP namespace However, the ability to add WTP SOAP binding elements to WSDL documents using the editor does not stop a user from using the WTP SOAP binding elements in an invalid way Although this is typically a larger concern when working in the source editor, it is also possible to create an invalid WSDL document using the design editor Furthermore, you ve been given the task of ensuring that WSDL documents follow your organization s naming conventions, and there is no way to ensure that they do using the current tools This is where the extensible WSDL validator fits in WTP s WSDL validator is extensible, allowing the addition of validation logic for specific WSDL extension namespaces and custom validation logic not bound by one specific namespace WSDL validation is really a three-stage process, as shown in Figure 1414 Stage 1 simply checks that the document structure is well-formed XML (that is, that all elements are nested and closed properly) Stage 2 performs WSDL 11 validation, that is, validation according to the WSDL 11 specification; and WSDL extension namespace validation, that is, validation according to extension WSDL specifications such as those for SOAP, HTTP, and MIME Stage 3 performs any custom validation that is not part of the WSDL 11 specification and does not extend the WSDL 11 specification Custom validation is typically validation that spans several namespaces, such as that for the WS-I profiles, which specify additional rules and constraints for WSDL documents and the bindings that may be used when describing a service Validation of a given stage does not occur unless validation of the proceeding stage concluded that the document is valid
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