# # Global Cron file # 0,15,30,45 * * * * /usr/local/cf engine/inputs/run-cf engine in Java

Creator QR Code 2d barcode in Java # # Global Cron file # 0,15,30,45 * * * * /usr/local/cf engine/inputs/run-cf engine
# # Global Cron file # 0,15,30,45 * * * * /usr/local/cf engine/inputs/run-cf engine
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This file contains just a single cron job, namely a script which calls cfengine. Here we are assuming that it will not be necessary to execute any cron script more often than every fifteen minutes. If this is too restrictive, the above can be changed. We refer to the time interval between runs of the script run- cfengine as the 'scheduling interval', and discuss its implications in more detail below. The script run-cf engine can as simple as this: #!/bin/sh # # Script r u n - c f e n g i n e export CF INPUTS =/usr/local/cf engine/ inputs /us r/local/gnu/bin/cfengine
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# # Should we pipe mail to a special user #
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or it could be more fancy. We could also use the cfwrap script to pipe mail to the mail address described in the cfengine file.
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# # Global C r o n f i l e # 0 , 1 5 , 3 0 , 4 5 * * * * pat/2/cfwrap path/ run-cf engine
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Time Classes Each time cfengine is run, it reads the system clock and defines the following classes based on the time and date: : the current year, e.g. Yrl997, Yr2001. This class is probably not useful very often, but it might help us to turn on the new-year lights, or shine up your systems for the new millennium (1st Jan 2001)! Month:: the current month can be used for defining very long term variations in the system configuration, e.g. January, F e b r u a r y . These classes could be used to determine when students have their summer vacation, for instance, to perform extra tidying, or to specially maintain some administrative policy for the duration of a conference.
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Configuration and Maintenance
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Day.: the day of the week may be used as a class, e.g. Monday, Sunday. Dayxx\: a day in the month (date) may be used to single out by date, e.g. the first day of each month defines Day 1, the 21st Day21, etc. Hrxx:: an hour of the day, in 24-hour clock notation: HrOO...Hr23. Minxx.: the precise minute a which cfengine was started: MinOO ... Min59. This is probably not useful alone, but these values may be combined to define arbitrary intervals of time. M'mxx_xx-.: the five-minute interval in the hour at which cfengine was executed, in the form Min0_5, Min5_10 .. Min55_00.
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Time classes based on the precise minute at which cfengine started are unlikely to be useful, since it is improbable that we will want to ask cron to run cfengine every single minute of every day: there would be no time for anything to complete before it was started again. Moreover, many things could conspire to delay the precise time at which cfengine were started. The real purpose in being able to detect the precise start time is to define composite classes which refer to arbitrary intervals of time. To do this, we use the group or classes action to create an alias for a group of time values. Here are some creative examples:
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classes: # synonym groups : LunchAndTeaBreaks NightShift ConferenceDays QuarterHours TimeSlices = ( Hr l2 Hr 10 Hr l5 ) = ( H r 2 2 H r 2 3 Hr00 Hr0l H r 0 2 H r 0 3 H r 0 4 Hr05 Hr06 ) = ( Day26 Day27 Day29 Day30 ) = ( Min00 Min 15 Min30 Min45 ) = ( Min01 Min02 Min03 Min33 Min34 M i n 3 5 )
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In these examples, the left-hand sides of the assignments are effectively the OR-ed result of the right-hand side. This if any classes in the parentheses are defined, the left-hand side class will become defined. This provides an excellent and readable way of pinpointing intervals of time within a program, without having to use | and . operators everywhere. Choosing a Scheduling Interval How often should we call a global cron script There are several things to think about: How much fine control do we need Running cron jobs once each hour is usually enough for most tasks, but we might need to exercise finer control for a few special tasks. Are we going to run the entire cfengine configuration file or a special lightweight file System latency. How long will it take to load, parse and run the cfengine script
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Cfengine has an intelligent locking and timeout policy which should be sufficient to handle hanging shell commands from previous crons so that no overlap can take place. 7.4.5 A Generalized Scripting Language: Perl
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Customization of the system requires us to write programs to perform special tasks. Perl was the first of a group of scripting languages including python, tcl and scheme, to gain
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