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Exercise 5.1 (This problem is most easily solved on a Unix-like host.) Imagine that it is the start of the university semester and a hundred new students require an account. Write an adduser script which uses the file system layout which you have planned for your host to install home-directories for the users and which registers them in the password database. The script should be able to install the accounts from a list of users provided by the university registration service. Start either by modifying an existing script (e.g. GNU/Linux has an adduser package) or from scratch. Remember that installing a new user implies the installation of enough configuration to make the account work satisfactorily at once, e.g. Unix dot files. Exercise 5.2 One of the central problems in account management is the distribution of passwords. If we are unable (or unwilling) to use a password distribution system like NIS, passwords have to be copied from host to host. Assume that user home-directories are shared amongst all hosts. Write a script which takes the password file on one host and converts it into all of the different file formats used by different Unix-like OSes, ready for distribution. Exercise 5.3 Write a script to monitor the amount of disk space used by each user. Exercise 5.4 Consider the terminal room at your organization. Review its layout critically. Does the lighting cause reflection in the screens, leading to eye-strain. How is the seating Is the room too warm or too cold How could the room be redesigned to make work conditions better for its users Exercise 5.5 Describe the available support services for users at your site. Could these be improved What would it cost to improve support services (can you estimate the number of man-hours, for instance) to achieve the level of support which you would like Exercise 5.6 Analyse and comment on the example shell configuration in section 5.3.2.
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Models of Network Administration
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Until recently, computer systems were organized either by inspired local ingenuity or through an inflexible prescription, dictated by a vendor. With the success of Unix, as the backbone of the Internet, and indeed our new era of worldwide communication, Unix system managers have had more or less complete freedom to find optimal solutions to the problem of Unix administration. Some of the fruits of this have since filtered back into PC administration models, and while this has not increased their flexibility, it has revolutionized PC server technology. Meanwhile, Unix remains the anarchist amongst rigid regiments of PCs, where new ideas are forged.
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6.1 Administration Models
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Models of network administration have evolved by distilling locally acquired experience from many sites. In latter years, attempts have been made to build software systems which apply certain principles to the problem of management. Network management has, to some extent, been likened to the process of software development [158] in the System Administration Maturity Model, by Kubicki. This work was an important step in formalizing system administration. Later, a formalization was introduced by describing system administration in terms of automatable primitives. Several approaches to the management of computers in a network have emerged: Reboot: with the rapid expansion of networks the number of local networks has outgrown the number of experienced technicians. The result is that there are many administrators 'who are not skilled in the systems they are forced to manage. A disturbing but common belief, which originated in the 1980s microcomputer era, is that problems with a computer can be fixed by simply rebooting the operating system. Since home computer systems tend to crash with alarming regularity, this is a habit which has been acquired from painful experience. Unfortunately, it is somewhat analogous to ancient peoples sacrificing their young to the gods in order to appease them and cure their current ills (a rather unreliable mysticism). The reboot habit should, of course, be stifled. More mature preemptive systems like Unix and perhaps NT should almost never need to be
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