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User Management
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to charge dust particles and throw them out into users' faces. This can cause irritation to the eyes over long periods. Solution: wear glasses or obtain an anti-static screen with an Earthwire which counteracts this problem. Another major cause of eye strain is through reflection. If there is a light source behind a user, it will reflect in the screen and the eyes will be distracted by the reflection. The image on the screen lies on the screen surface, any reflected images lie behind the screen (as far behind the screen as the source is in front of the screen). This confuses the eyes into focusing back and forth between the reflection and the image. The result is eye-strain. The solution is to (i) eliminate all sharp light sources which can cause reflections, and (ii) obtain an antireflective screen cover. This can be combined with an anti-static screen, and it is probably the best investment a user can make. Prolonged eye strain can lead to problems reading and focusing. It can lead to headaches and neck ache from squinting: Back. The back (spine) is one of the most complex and important parts of the body. It supports the upper body and head, and is attached to the brain (where applicable). The upper body is held up by muscles in the stomach and lower back. If these muscles are relaxed by slouching for long periods, unnecessary strain in placed on muscles and bones which were not meant to bear the weight of the body. To avoid back problems, users should (i) sit in a good chair, and (ii) sit upright, using those all important flat-tummy muscles and lower back muscles to support your upper body. Don't sit in a draft. Cold air blowing across the back and neck causes stiffness and tension. Mouse strain. Mouse strain is a strain in the tendons of the finger and forearm, which spreads to the shoulder and back and can be quite painful. It comes from using the mouse too much. The symptoms can be lessened by making sure that users do not sit too far away from the desk where the mouse lies, and by having a support for the mouse forearm. The ultimate solution is simple: don't use the mouse. Use of the keyboard is far less hazardous. Learning keyboard shortcuts is good for prolonged work. Pregnancy and cancer. Some studies recommend that pregnant women wear protective aprons when sitting in front of computer screens. It is unclear whether this has any real purpose, since any radiation from the screen "would be easily stopped by normal clothing. Generally. Users should not sit for long periods without taking a break. Looking away from the screen (to a far away object) at regular intervals relaxes the eyes. Walking around exercises the back and relaxes the shoulders. Use of anti-static, anti-reflective screens is recommended. Dealing with Users: Etiquette
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Although even the most stoical administrator's convictions might occasionally be called into question, system administration is a social service and it is important to remain calm and reasonable. Users frequently believe that the system administrator has nothing better to do than to answer every question and execute every whim and fancy. Dealing with users is no small task. In ref. [145], user friendly administrators are likened to user-friendly software!
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User Well-being
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Ethics and Responsibility
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A system administrator wields great power. He or she has the means to read everyone's mail, change anyone's files, to start and kill anyone's processes. This power can easily be abused, and that temptation could be great. Another danger is the temptation for an administrator to think that the system exists primarily for him or her, and that the users are simply a nuisance to the smooth running of things; if network service is interrupted, or if a silly mistake is made which leads to damage in the course of an administrator's work, that is okay: the users should accept these mistakes because they were made trying to improve the system. When wielding such power there is always the chance that such arrogance will build up. Some simple rules of thumb are useful. The ethical integrity of a system administrator is clearly an important issue. Administrators for top secret government organizations and administrators for small businesses have the same responsibilities towards their users and their organizations. One has only to look at the governing institutions around the world to see that power corrupts. Few individuals, however good their intentions, are immune to the temptations of such power at one time or other. As with governments, it is perhaps a case of: those who wish the power are least suited to deal with it. Administrators 'watch over' backups, e-mail, private communications and they have access to everyone's files. While it is almost never necessary to look at a user's private files, it is possible at any time, and users do not usually consider the fact that their files are available to other individuals in this way. Users need to be able to trust the system and its administrator. What kind of rules can you fairly impose on users What responsibilities do you have to the rest of the network community, i.e. the rest of the 'world Censoring of information or views. Restriction of personal freedom. Taking sides in personal disputes. Extreme views (some institutions have policies about this). Unlawful behaviour.
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Objectivity of the administrator means avoiding taking sides in ethical, moral, religious or political debates, in the role of system administrator. Personal views should be kept separate from professional views. However, the extent to which this is possible depends strongly upon the individual, and organizations have to be aware of this. Some organizations dictate policy for their employees. This is also an issue to be cautious with: if a policy is too loose it can lead to laziness and unprofessional behaviour; if it is too paranoid or restrictive it can lead to bad feelings in the organization. Historically, unhappy employees have been responsible for the largest computer crimes. For other references see [77, 78]. 5.6.4 Propaganda and Misinformation
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Computers can lie with flawless equanimity, sufficient to convince any inexperienced user that they always tell the truth. A computer has a perceived authority which makes it a very dangerous tool for abuse. An ill-thought out remark in a login message, or a deliberate
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