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Changing to a Different Server If we know the name of a server which contains authoritative information for a domain, we can tell ns lookup to use that server instead. In that way it might be possible to list the hosts in a remote domain and find out detailed information about it. At the very least, it is possible to find out about key records, like name servers and mail exchangers (MX). To change the server we simply type > server
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> Iserver
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There is a subtle difference between these two commands. If one uses the first command to change the server to another host which is not running a named daemon (the DNS daemon), one finds oneself in a situation where it is no longer possible to look up host names or IP addresses. The second form always uses the default (the first) server to look up the names we use. Assuming that no security barriers have been erected, we can now use this to list all of the data for a remote domain. First we change server; once this is done we use 1s to list the names: > server Default Server: Address: > Is (listing . . ) Another advantage to using the server which is directly responsible for the DNS data, is that we obtain extra information about the domain, namely a contact address for the person responsible for administrating the domain. For example: > server Default Server: Address: > Server: Address: preference = 0, mail exchanger = nameserver = origin = mail addr serial=1996120503 refresh=3600 (1 hour) retry = 900 (15 mins) expire = 604800 (7 days) minimum ttl = 86400 (1 day) nameserver internet address =
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Network Analysis
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This is probably more information than we are interested in, but it does tell us that we can address queries and problems concerning this domain to p o s t m a s t e r @ n s . college . edu. (Note that DNS does not use the @ symbol for 'at' in these data.) 3.8.3 Contacting Other Domains
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Sometimes we need to contact other domains, perhaps because we believe there is a problem with their system, or perhaps because an unpleasant user from another domain is being a nuisance and we want to ask the administrators there to put that person through a long and painful death. We now know how to obtain one contact address using nslookup. Another good bet is to mail the one address which every domain must have: postmaster@domain. Any domain which does not define this mail address deserves to have its wires cut3. Various unofficial standards also encourage sites to have the following mail addresses which one can try: webmaster
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Apart from these sources, there is little one can do to determine who is responsible for a domain. A number of domains are registered with another network database service called the whois service. In some cases it is possible to obtain information this way. For example: host% whois moneywurld. com Financial Connections, Inc (MONEYWURLD-COM) 2508 5th Ave, #104 Mars, Domain Name: MONEYWURLD. COM Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact: Willumz, Bob (BW747) willy@MONEYWURLD.COM 206 269 0846 Record last updated on 13-Oct-96. Record created on 26-Oct-95. Domain servers in listed order: NSH.WORLDHELP.NET NSS.MONEYWURLD.COM The InterNIC Registration Services Host contains ONLY Internet Info (Networks, ASN's, Domains, and POC's). Please use the whois server at for MILNET Information.
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3 Some obnoxious domains which send out unsolicited mail do not define this address because they are afraid that annoyed users will actually mail them back.
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