The Challenges of System Administration in Java

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1.6 The Challenges of System Administration
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System administration is not just about installing operating systems. It is about planning and designing an efficient community of computers so that real users will be able to get their jobs done. That means:
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Designing a network which is logical and efficient. Deploying large numbers of machines which can be easily upgraded later. Deciding what services are needed. Planning and implementing adequate security. Providing a comfortable environment for users. Developing ways of fixing errors and problems which occur.
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'The needs of the many outweight, the needs of the few (or the one)...'
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Common Practice and Good Practice
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Keeping track of, and understanding how to use, the enormous amount of knowledge which increases every year.
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Some system administrators are responsible for both the hardware of the network and the computers which it connects, i.e. the cables as well as the computers. Some are only responsible for the computers. Either way, an understanding of how data flow from machine to machine is essential, as is an understanding of how each machine affects every other. In all countries outside the United States and Canada, there are issues of internationalization, or tailoring the input/output hardware and software to the local language. Internationalization support in computing involves three issue: Choice of keyboard: e.g. British, German, Norwegian, Thai, etc. Fonts: Roman, Cryllic, Greek, Persian, etc. Translation of program text messages.
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Inexperienced computer users usually want to be able to use computers in their own language. Experienced computer users, particularly programmers, often prefer the American versions of keyboards and software in order to avoid the awkward placement of commonly used characters on non-US keyboards.
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1.7 Common Practice and Good Practice
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If this book does nothing else, it should make you think for yourself. You will spend your career as a system administrator hearing advice from many different sources, and not all of it will be good advice. The best generic advice anyone can give in life is: think for yourself, pay attention to experts but don't automatically believe anyone. No authority is self-justified. Every choice needs a reason, even if that reason ends up being an arbitrary choice. That does not undermine the need for a book of this kind: it only cautions us about accepting advice on trust. This is just the scientific method at work: informed scepticism and constant reappraisal. It is always a good idea to see what others have done in the past. There are three reasons why ideas catch on and 'everyone does it': Someone did it once, the idea was copied without thinking and no-one has thought about it since. Now everyone does it because everyone else does it. People have thought a lot about it and it really is the best solution. An arbitrary choice had to be made, and now it is a matter of convention.
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For example, in the British Isles it is a good idea to drive on the left-hand side of the road. That's because someone started doing so and now everyone does it but it's not just a fad: lives actually depend on this. The choice has its roots in history and in the dominance of righthanded sword-wielding carriage drivers and highwaymen but, for whatever reason, the opposite convention now dominates in other parts of the world and, in Britain, the convention is now mainly preserved by the difficulty of changing. This is not ideal, but it is reasonable. Some common practices, however, are bizarre but adequate. For instance, in parts of Europe the emergency services Fire, Police and Ambulance have three different numbers
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(110, 112 and 113) instead of one simple number like 911 (America) or, even simpler, 999 (UK). The numbers are very difficult to remember, they are not even a sequence! Ours is not to reason why the numbers were chosen, but they are now used because that is what 'is done'. Change, however, would be preferable. Other practices are simply a result of blind obedience to poorly formulated rules. In public buildings there is a rule that doors should always open outwards from a room. The idea is that in the case of fire, when people panic, doors should 'go with the flow'. This makes eminent sense where large numbers of people are involved. Unfortunately, the building designers of my college have taken this literally, and have done the same thing with every door, even office doors in narrow corridors. When there is a fire (actually all the time), we open our doors into the faces of passers-by (the fleeing masses), injuring them and breaking their noses. The rule could perhaps be reviewed. In operating systems, many conventions have arisen, e.g. the conventions for naming the 'correct' directory for installing system executables, like daemons, the permissions required for particular files and programs and even the use of particular software. Originally, Unix programs were thrown casually in usr/bin or etc; nowadays sbin or libexec are used by different schools of thought, all of which can be discussed. As a system administrator you often have the power to make your own decisions about your systems. The point is simply this: often rules get made without due thought, by people with insufficient imagination. If you are boss, make logical choices rather than obedient ones.
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