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User Sociology
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Most branches of computer science deal primarily with software systems and algorithms. System administration is made more difficult by the fact that it deals with communities and is therefore strongly affected by what human beings do. In short, a large part of system administration is sociology. A newly installed machine does not usually require attention until it is first used, but as soon as a user starts running programs and storing data, the reliability and efficiency of the system are tested. This is where the challenge of system administration lies. The load on computers and on networks is a social phenomenon: it peaks in response to patterns of human behaviour. For example, at universities and colleges network traffic usually peaks during lunch breaks, when students rush to the terminal rooms to surf on the web or to read e-mail. In industry the reverse can be true, as workers flee the slavery of their computers for a breath of fresh air (or carbonized air). To understand the behaviour of
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Networked Communities
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Figure 3.1 E-mail traffic at Oslo College measured over the course of many weeks. The plot shows the weekly average from Monday to Sunday. Over each 24-hour period, there is a daily peak showing users' working hours, and during the week there is a peak around midweek, and little activity during the weekends
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the network, the load placed on servers and the availability of resources, we have to take into account the users' patterns of behaviour (see Figure 3.1).
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Client-Server Cooperation
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At the heart of all cooperation in a community is a system of centralization and delegation. No program or entity can do everything alone, nor is it expected to do so. It makes sense for certain groups to specialize in performing certain jobs. That is the function of a society. Principle7 (Delegation I) Leave experts to do theirjobs. Assigning responsibility for a task to a body which specializes in that task is an efficient use of resources. If we need to find out telephone numbers, we invent the directory enquiry service: we give a special body a specific job. They do the phone-number research (once and for everyone) and have the responsibility for dealing out the information on request. If we need a medical service, we train doctors in the specialized knowledge and trust them with the responsibility. That is much more efficient than expecting every individual to have to research phone numbers by themselves, or to study medicine personally. The advantage with a service is
Host Identities and Name Services
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that one avoids repeating work unnecessarily and one creates special agents with an aptitude for their task. In computer systems the same thing applies. Indeed, in recent years the number of clientserver systems has grown enormously, because of possibilities offered by networking. Not only can we give a special daemon on one host a special job, but we can say that that daemon will also do the job for every other host on the network. As long as the load placed on the network does not lead to a bottleneck, this is a very efficient centralization of resources. Clearly, the client server model is an extended way of sharing resources. In that sense, it is like a distributed generalization of the kernel1. The client-server nomenclature has been confused by history. A server is not a host, but a program or process which runs on a host. A client is any process which requires the services of a server. In Unix-like systems, servers are called daemons. In NT they are just called services. Unfortunately, it is common to refer to the host on which a server process runs as being a server. This causes all sorts of confusion. The name 'server' was usurped, early on, for a very specific client-server relationship. A server is often regarded as a large machine which performs some difficult and intensive task for the clients (an array of workstations). This prejudice comes from the early days, when many PC-workstations were chained together in a network to a single PC which acted as file server, and printer server, sharing a disk and printer to all of the machines. The reason for this architecture, at the time, was that the operating system of that epoch, MS-DOS, was not capable of multi-tasking, and thus the best solution one could make was to use a new PC for each new task. This legacy of one-machine, one-user, one-purpose, still pervades newer PC operating system philosophy. Meanwhile, Unix and later experimental operating systems have continued a general policy of any machine, any job, as part of the vision of distributed operating systems. In fact, a server-host can be anything from a Cray to a laptop. As long as there is a process which executes a certain service, the host is a server-host.
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