C: Programming and Compiling in Java

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Appendix C: Programming and Compiling
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PrependlfNoSuchLine "Plan 9 was a better movie and OS! " Rivals:: /etc/motd AppendlfNoSuchLine "Your rpc. spray is so last month" Actions or commands which work under a class operator like Solaris: : are only executed on hosts which belong to the given class. This is the way one makes decisions in cfengine: by class assignment rather than by if. .then, .else clauses.
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Appendix D
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Atomic operation: a basic, primitive operation which cannot be subdivided into smaller pieces, e.g. reading a block from a file. Binaries: files of compiled software in executable form. A compiler takes program sources and turns them into binaries. BIND: Berkeley Internet Name Domain. The library part of DNS, the routines which perform name service lookups. Binary server: a file server which makes available executable binaries for a given type of platform. A binary server is operating system specific, since software compiled on one type of system cannot be used on another. (See also Home server.) Booting: bootstrapping a machine. This comes from the expression 'to lift yourself by your bootstraps', which is supposed to reflect the way computers are able to start running from scratch, when they are powered up. C/MOS: complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor, p-n back-to-back transistor technology, low dissipation. Consolidated: grouping resources in one place. A centralized mainframe type of solution for concentrating computing power in one place. This kind of solution makes sense for heavy calculations, performed in engineering of computer graphics. Context switching: time-sharing between processes. When the kernel switches between processes quickly in order to give the illusion of concurrency or multi-tasking. Cracker: a system intruder. Someone who cracks the system. A trespasser. DAC: Discretionary Access Control, i.e. optional rather than forced. (See MAC.) Dataless client: a client which has a disk and its own root partition, but which shares the /usr file tree using the NFS from a server. Diskless client: a client which has no disk at all, but which shares the its root and /usr file trees using the NFS from a server. Distributed: a decentralized solution, in which many workstations spread the computing power evenly throughout the network. DNS: the Domain Name Service, which converts internet names into IP addresses, and vice versa.
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Appendix D: Glossary
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Domains: a domain is a logical group of hosts. This word is used with several different meanings in connection with different software systems. The most common meaning is connected with DNS, the Domain Name Service. Here a domain refers to an Internet suffix, like . domain. country, or . nasa. gov. Internet domains denote organizations. Domain is also used in NT to refer to a group of hosts sharing the attributes of a common file server. Try not to confuse Domain Name Server (DNS) server with NT Domain server. Enterprise: a small business network environment. Enterprise management is a popular concept today because NT has been aimed at this market. Enterprise management typically involves running a web server, a database, a disk server and a group of workstations, and common resources like printers and so on. Many magazines think of enterprise management as the network model, but when people talk about Enterprise Management they are really thinking of small businesses with fairly uniform systems. FQHN: fully Qualified Host Name. The name of a host which is a sum of its unqualified name and its domain name, e.g. host .domain, country, of which host is the unqualified name and domain. country is the domain name. Free software: this usually refers to software published under the GNU Public License, Artistic License or derivative of these. Free software is not about money, but about the freedom to use, modify and redistribute software without restrictions over and above what normal courtesy to the author demands. Free software must always include human readable source code. GUI: Graphical User Interface. Heterogeneous: non-uniform. In a network context, a heterogeneous network is one which is composed of hosts with many different operating systems. Home Server: a file server which makes available users' home directories. A home server need not be operating system specific, provided it uses an commonly supported protocol, e.g. NFS, Samba. (See also Binary server.) Homogeneous: uniform. In a network context, a homogeneous network is one in which all of the hosts have the same operating system. IMAP: Internet Message Access Protocol. A modern approach to distributed e-mail services. Inhomogeneous: the opposite of homogeneous. See also heterogeneous. Internetworking protocol: a protocol which can send messages across quite different physical networks, binding them together into a unified communications base. Index node (inode): Unix's method of indexing files on a disk partition. IP address: Internet address. Something like Latency: the time you wait before receiving a reply during a transaction. Legacy system: an old computer or software package which a site has come to rely on, but which is otherwise outdated. LISA: Large Installation System Administration. This refers to environments with many (hundreds or thousands of) computers. The environments typically consist of many
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