Processes and Job Control in Java

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Processes and Job Control
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is a sure way of killing PID 127. Even though the process dies, it may not be removed from the kernel's process table if it has a parent (see the next section).
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2.4.2 Child Processes and Zombies
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When we start a process, the new process becomes a child of the original. If one of the children starts a new process then it will be a child of the child (a grandchild). Processes therefore form hierarchies. Several children can have a common parent. All Unix userprocesses are children of the initial process init, with process ID 1. If we kill a parent, then (unless the child has detached itself from the parent) all of its children die too. If a child dies, the parent is not affected. Sometimes when a child is killed, it does not die but becomes defunct or a zombie process. This means that the child has a parent which is waiting for it to finish. If the parent has not yet been informed that the child has died, because it has been suspended itself, for instance, then the dead child is not completely removed from the kernel's process table. When the parent wakes up and receives the message that the child has terminated (and its exit status), the process entry for the dead child can be removed. Most Unix processes go through a zombie state, but most terminate so quickly that they cannot be seen. A few hang around and use up valuable process slots, which can be a problem. It is not possible to kill a zombie process, since it is already dead. The only way to remove a zombie is to either reactivate the process which is waiting for it, or to kill that process. Persistent zombie processes are usually caused by software bugs.
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2.4.3 The Windows/NT Process Model
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Like Unix, processes under Windows/NT can live in the foreground or background, though unlike Unix, NT does not fork processes by replicating existing ones. A background process can be started with start /B To kill the process it is necessary to purchase the Resource kit which contains a kill command. A background process detaches itself from a login session, and can continue to run even when the user is logged out. Generally speaking, the reborn PC world of NT and Novell abhors processes. Threads are the preferred method for multitasking. This means that additional functionality is often implemented as modules to existing software, rather than as independent objects. The shutdown of the whole system must be performed from the Windows menu. Any logged on user can shut down a host. This is not a major problem since only one user can use the system at a time. However, background processes die when this happens, including other users' background processes. A shutdown command also exists for shutting down local or remote systems.
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2.4.4 Environment Variables
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Environment variables are text-string variables which can be set in any process [253]. Normally they are set by users in shell environments in order to communicate user
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The System Components
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preferences or configuration information to software. In the C shell, they are set with the command setenv VARIABLE value and are not to be confused with the C shell's local (non-inherited) variables which are created with set variable=value. In the original Bourne shell they are set by VARIABLE=value export VARIABLE The export command is needed to make the variable global, i.e. to make it inheritable by child processes. In newer Bourne shells like ksh and bash, one can simply write export VARIABLE=value The values of these variables are later referred to using the dollar symbol: echo VARIABLE When a process spawns a child process, the child inherits the environment variables of its parent. Environment variables are an important way of transmitting preference information between processes. On NT systems, environment variables are set in the DOS prompt interface by set VARIABLE=value Try not to confuse this with the C shell's set command. Environment variables in NT are later dereferenced using the percent prefix and suffix: echo %%VARIABLE%%
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