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Figure 3.4.3 Convergence of the spatial solution (dotted line) and spectral solution (solid line) for case (b) ~ Normal incidence: k o = 2;, (}i = 0 , 1Ji = 25 , Z = 0.1.\, x = 0.48.\, y = -0.91.\.
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4.4 Numerical Results
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Figure 3.4.4 Convergence of the spatial solution (dotted line) and spectral solution (solid line) for case (c) ~ Oblique incidence: z =I=- 0, k o = 2;, (}i = 45 , rPi = 25 , Z = 0.1.\, x = 0.48'\, y = -0.91.\.
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Figure 3.4.5 Convergence of the spatial solution (dotted line) and spectral solution (solid (}i = 45 , rPi = 25 , z = 0, x = 0.48'\, line) for case (d) ~ Oblique incidence: z = 0, k o = y = -0.91.\.
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