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Figure 14.19 ESRT protocol state model and transitions. (Reproduced by permission of IEEE [27].)
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current state Si , and the values of f i and i , ESRT then calculates the updated reporting frequency f i+1 to be broadcast to the source nodes. At the end of the next decision interval, the sink derives a new reliability indicator i+1 corresponding to the updated reporting frequency f i+1 of source nodes. In conjunction with any congestion reports, ESRT then determines the new network state Si+1 . This process is repeated until the optimal operating region (state OOR) is reached. The state model of the ESRT protocol and state transitions are shown in Figure 14.19. The following reporting rate updating rules are used [140]: (NC,LR) (NC,HR) (C,HR) (C,LR) f i+1 = f i+1 f i+1 fi i fi = 2 fi = i
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where k denotes the number of successive decision intervals for which the network has remained in state (C,LR) including the current decision interval OOR f i+1 = f i
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In order to determine the current network state Si in ESRT, the sink must be able to detect congestion in the network. ESRT uses a congestion detection mechanism based on local buffer level monitoring in sensor nodes. Any sensor node whose routing buffer over ows due to excessive incoming packets is said to be congested and it informs the sink of the same. For more on system performance see Sankarasubramaniam et al. [140].
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REFERENCES [1] I.F. Akyildiz, W. Su, Y. Sankarasubramaniam and E. Cayirci, A survey on sensor networks, Comput. Networks, 2002, pp. 393 422. [2] G.J. Pottie and W.J. Kaiser, Wireless integrated network sensors, Commun. ACM, vol. 43, no. 5, 2000, pp. 51 58. [3] J. Rabaey, M.J. Ammer, J.L. da Silva Jr, D. Patel and S. Roundy, Picoradio supports ad hoc ultra-low power wireless networking, Comput. Mag., July 2000, pp. 42 48. [4] S. Tilak, N. Abu-Ghazaleh and W. Heinzelman, A taxonomy of wireless micro-sensor network models, ACM Mobile Comput. Commun. Rev. (MC2R), vol. 6, no. 2, April 2002, pp. 28 36. [5] A. Mainwaring, J. Polastre, R. Szewczyk, D. Culler and J. Anderson, Wireless sensor networks for habitat monitoring, in 1st Workshop on Sensor Networks and Applications, Atlanta, GA, October 2002, pp. 88 97. [6] G.D. Abowd and J.P.G. Sterbenz, Final report on the interagency workshop on research issues for smart environments, IEEE Person. Commun., October 2000, pp. 36 40. [7] J. Agre and L. Clare, An integrated architecture for cooperative sensing networks, IEEE Comput. Mag., May 2000, pp. 106 108.
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