Printing a List in .NET

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Printing a List
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You can print any of your lists at any time. When you print a list, it appears more or less exactly as it does in the List window onscreen. (For more sophisticated details and formatting, see Generating List Reports later in this chapter.) A raw printout like this might be useful, for example, if you wanted to keep a hard copy of a list handy for employees. I have a friend who runs a lawnmower repair shop, and he prints a list of all the parts he stocks and puts a copy next to each of the cash registers. To print a list, follow these steps. 1. Display the list you want to print. 2. Click the list button in the bottom-right-hand corner of the screen and choose Print List. 3. If a dialog box appears suggesting that you use a report instead, click OK to bypass it. The Print Lists dialog box then appears as shown in Figure 8-7. 4. Set any print options desired and then click Print.
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134 Part II Establishing Your Own QuickBooks Business
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Figure 8-7: The Print Lists dialog box lets you choose some common printing options.
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Displaying Different Views of Lists
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You can choose to view the following types of lists in more than one way: Chart of Accounts, Items. Customer:Job, Customer Type. Vendor Type, and Job Type. By default, the hierarchical view is displayed when you rst open one of these lists. Lists with subentries can be view in either hierarchal or at view. The hierarchal view is the default view, where subentries are indented. With the at view all entries are at the same level. To see a attened view of a list, click the list name menu button in the lower left corner of the list and choose Flat View. To see the hierarchy of a list, from the list name menu button in the lower left corner of the list, choose Hierarchical View.
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Generating List Reports
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Several reports are associated with each list, and you can access them from the Reports button in the list s window. The reports are different for each list; for example, the Customer:Job List includes reports such as Contact List, whereas the Item List includes reports such as Price List. To see what reports are offered for a list, simply click the Reports button.
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8 Using Lists
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To choose a report, select it from the list. Several buttons appear across the top of the report preview window, including Customize and Format. You can use these buttons to tailor the report to your exact speci cations before you print. See 29 for more information.
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This chapter introduced you to QuickBooks lists, which enable you to manage your information. Now that you ve completed this chapter, you should be able to do the following: Display any list in its own list window. Create, edit, and delete list entries such as vendor records, inventory Items, and payment terms. Customize elds in a list to include extra elds for information that you need to track for your business. Organize and merge lists to avoid duplication in your recordkeeping. Print a list or generate a printed report based on it.
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Working with Customers and Jobs
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In This
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Entering new customers Setting up jobs for customers Managing your Customer:Job List Changing the job status Maintaining a job notebook Creating job and customer reports Using the Letter and Envelope Wizard
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ustomers are the heart and soul of any business. So it makes sense to court your customers and guard their good will like any other valuable resource. One way to show customers that you care is to maintain accurate, complete records about them and about their jobs. What customer doesn t like it when you remember to send a birthday card with a discount coupon in it, or when you make a follow-up call on the three-month anniversary of their job s completion Little touches like this can leave a customer feeling good enough to give you referrals and repeat business. QuickBooks makes it easy to maintain good customer and job records and to pull up reports on the data that you can use to provide good customer service. This chapter gives you an insider s education on QuickBooks customer care features.
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