Organizing Lists in .NET

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Organizing Lists
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When you start out with QuickBooks, you may have only a few entries on each list; but as things heat up, you re going to end up with hundreds of entries on some lists. In my own business, I have noticed the Vendor List multiplies especially quickly, as every time I write a check the recipient is added to this list. In the following sections, you ll learn how to organize and sort your lists to keep them under control.
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8 Using Lists
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Rearranging individual list entries
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Because you ll do most of your work in QuickBooks by selecting entries from various lists, it s important that the list entries you use most frequently be handy. By default, all list entries appear in alphabetical order, from A to Z. However, many people choose to move their most frequently used entries to the top of their lists so those entries are more immediately available. You may also want to make a subentry a main entry or turn a main entry into a subentry.
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You can t rearrange all lists. The ones that you can are Chart of Accounts, Class, Customer:Job, Customer Type, Item, Job Type, Memorized Transactions, and Vendor Type. Website gtin - 13 creator with .net
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To rearrange your Lists by moving items, follow these steps: 1. Open the list in which you want to rearrange entries (from the List menu). Notice the little diamonds next to each list entry. The diamonds indicate that these entries can be rearranged. 2. Point the mouse pointer at the diamond next to the entry you want to move. The mouse becomes a four-pointed arrow. 3. While holding down the mouse button, drag the entry to the desired spot and drop it there. To move an entry with all of its subentries, drag the main (parent) entry. To make a subentry a main entry, drag it to the left; to make a main entry a subentry, drag it to the right. 4. Repeat the previous step for any other entries that you want to move. There are important limits on how and what you can rearrange in some Lists. For example, when working with the Item List, you must keep Items within the same type. You can t mix up Inventory Parts, Non-Inventory Parts, and Services. However, within those groupings, you can rearrange entries. To put a list back the way you found it (that is, in alphabetical order), click the List button (for example, the Customer:Job button on the Customers:Job List) and choose Re-sort List from the menu that appears.
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Sorting entire lists
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QuickBooks puts lists in alphabetical order, but you don t have to stick to this format. You may want the option to sort lists by amount, put active accounts rst, and so on depending upon the List. QuickBooks Help Menu provides a convenient table of List sorting options and how to carry them out. (Table 8-1).
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130 Part II Establishing Your Own QuickBooks Business Table 8-1 Sorting options for QuickBooks lists.
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To... Return to the order you started with Sort a column in ascending order Sort a column in descending order Sort or rearrange a long list Do This Click the large diamond in the column title. Click the column heading so that the arrow points up. Click the column heading so that the arrow points down. Choose Flat View from the list s menu button; then click on the column you want to sort. Choose Hierarchical View from the list s menu button, then click on the column you want to sort.
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Sort a list while viewing subentries (not available in all lists)
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Making list entries inactive
A good trick for simplifying a cumbersome list is to make some items inactive, so you don t have to view them every time you access the list. You may not want to delete list entries entirely, because they may have transactions associated with them. In fact, QuickBooks won t let you delete an entry with associated transactions. This is for your own protection. For example, if you deleted a customer who is now out of business, there might be a problem displaying invoices for that customer if you ever needed to look back at your old records. Instead, you should make inactive any list entries you don t plan on using anymore. When an entry is inactive, it does not appear on any drop-down lists in activities, but it is still in the system. To inactivate an entry, display the appropriate list and then right-click the list entry you want to inactivate. Choose Make Inactive from the shortcut menu that appears. If you want to hide the inactive entries, go to Edit Show Inactive Customers. The inactive entry immediately disappears from the list. If you want to see the complete list, including the inactive entries, click the Show All checkbox. Inactive entries reappear, with a symbol next to them (see Figure 8-6). To make an inactive entry active again, right-click it and choose Make Active, or just click the ghost symbol to make it disappear.
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