Part II Establishing Your Own QuickBooks Business in .NET

Encoding EAN13 in .NET Part II Establishing Your Own QuickBooks Business
126 Part II Establishing Your Own QuickBooks Business
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Customizing Fields
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You can use custom elds to keep track of information for each list entry that does not t neatly into one of the other elds. For example, in your Vendor List, you may want to enter which county each vendor is located in for tax purposes.
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Custom elds are available for Vendors, Employees, Customers, and Items. For Employees, Vendors, and Customers, the procedure is similar for each of the For items, it s a little different, as you ll see later in this chapter in the section Creating custom elds for Items.
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Creating custom elds for employees, vendors, or customers
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Although you create custom elds for Employee, Vendor, and Customer Lists in the New dialog box, the custom elds you create apply to all entries on the list, not just the new entry being created. For example, if you de ne a custom eld called County, it will automatically appear on the Additional Info tab for all vendors. That s because QuickBooks assumes that if you want to indicate some special information for one list entry (one particular vendor, for example), you must also want to track that same bit of information for all others, too, for comparison. It isn t important, for example, that Acme Corporation is in Marion County unless other vendors are in different counties. When you create a custom eld for one list (Employees, Vendors, or Customers), you can also make it available to either or both of the other two lists by clicking the appropriate checkbox. This, too, happens because QuickBooks is anticipating your needs. If you are interested in tracking certain information about customers, it s likely that you will also be interested in tracking that same information about your vendors and/or employees. To create a custom eld, follow these steps: 1. Open the list for which you want a custom eld. 2. Start a new list entry or double-click an existing one to edit it. 3. Click the Additional Info tab. 4. Click the De ne Fields button to open the De ne Fields dialog box (see Figure 8-5). 5. Type the new eld name in the rst Label row. 6. Select or deselect the checkboxes as needed to indicate in which lists you want the new eld included (Customers:Jobs, Vendors, and Employees). 7. Enter any additional elds needed.
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8 Using Lists
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Custom fields
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Define fields
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Figure 8-5: Enter each custom eld you want as a separate row.
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8. Click OK. The new elds appear in the Custom Fields area of the dialog box. 9. Complete the list entry and click OK, or click Cancel if you do not want to create or edit the entry. The custom elds you created remain even if you cancel the new entry. However, if you entered data into the new custom eld for the entry you were working with, it will not stick unless you click OK.
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Creating custom elds for Items
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Custom elds for Items work somewhat differently in that you can maintain a list of custom elds and display each one as needed. For example, suppose you created a custom eld for warehouse location and entered a location for all your Items. You then decided not to track that anymore, so you turned that custom eld off. The warehouse location information is still stored in QuickBooks; it s just not displayed. If you later turn that custom eld back on, the information stored there once again becomes available.
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128 Part II Establishing Your Own QuickBooks Business
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To add a custom eld to an Item, follow these steps: 1. Create the Item, as you learned earlier in the chapter, or double-click an existing Item to display it. 2. Click the Custom Fields button in the Edit Item dialog box, then Click OK. 3. In the Custom Fields dialog box for the chosen Item, click the De ne Fields button. The De ne Custom Fields for Items dialog box opens. 4. Enter custom elds in the Label column, click to place a check mark next to each one in the Use column, and then click OK. 5. If a con rmation box pops up telling you that you have activated custom elds, click OK to go on. 6. Now the custom elds you have de ned appear in the Custom Fields dialog box for the selected Item. Enter any data into those elds you want to track, and then click OK. 7. Click OK again to close the Item s dialog box. When you work with another Item, the same custom elds appear in its Custom Fields dialog box. You can click the De ne Fields button for that Item to work with the De ne Custom Fields dialog box again. If you add new elds, they will also become available for all Items, including the Items you have already worked with. Click the checkbox in the Use column to deactivate any custom elds you have decided not to use.
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It s okay to rename a eld in the De ne Custom Fields dialog box, as long as the eld will still contain the same information. For example, you may decide to change the name Warehouse Location to just Warehouse. That s ne. However, if you need to change the type of information the eld contains, it s best to create a new eld in one of the blank rows and deactivate the unwanted eld by deselecting its Use checkbox. Otherwise, when you change the title of a custom eld, the eld will still contain the same data you ve entered for each Item, and you ll have to go back through all your Items and modify the eld s content.
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