Figure 2-2: Opening a sample data company after you have already launched QuickBooks. in .NET

Display GTIN - 13 in .NET Figure 2-2: Opening a sample data company after you have already launched QuickBooks.
Figure 2-2: Opening a sample data company after you have already launched QuickBooks.
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2 Twenty Minutes to Navigating QuickBooks
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QuickBooks Navigator
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Most QuickBooks users view the Navigator as a faster and more ef cient alternative to the standard menus, and many also nd that it gives them a better understanding of the ow of transactions, the accounting cycle, and the underlying data that appears on their reports.
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Navigating basics
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The QuickBooks Navigator is a visual alternative to the standard Windowsbased menus. But it is more than a pretty face. The Navigator affords fast and powerful access to every feature of QuickBooks by logically grouping Activity icons in the upper left section of each of the ve different screens. These icons correspond to key areas of the program and accounting functions. You can access the ve Navigator screens from the start-up screen or from any point in the program by clicking the Navigator button from any screen. The following is a discussion of the ve different Navigator screens, all of which you will want to become familiar with.
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The Company Navigator
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If you are active in the daily management of your business, it is likely that you will start with the Company Navigator screen each time you open QuickBooks, and you will probably visit it at least once each business day. This Company Navigator screen, shown in Figure 2-3, offers an overview of your company s performance and accounting system as a whole. It facilitates dayto-day operational management of your company by allowing you to access reports, budgets, your Chart of Accounts, reminders, backups, to-do lists, and scheduled shipping information from the same screen. The Company Navigator is divided into four sections: Icons in the upper left corner allow you to access critical management information. With a single click, you can view your daily to-do list and reminders, ship orders, or review budgets and cash ow. You can also make changes to your Chart of Accounts from this section of the Company Navigator screen. Reminders appear directly below the icons, with hypertext links that assist you in carrying out the referenced tasks. For example, as shown in Figure 2-4, the user is able to click on Overdue Invoices under the Bills to Pay Reminder to access a list of invoices. From there, he or she can click a particular invoice link in order to view and act on it.
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28 Part I The QuickBooks System
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Activity icons Links to specific activities
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Figure 2-3: The Company Navigator screen is a convenient management tool that is divided into four parts.
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Clicking on the + sign reveals a list of invoices
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Figure 2-4: QuickBooks makes it easy to act on your Reminders.
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2 Twenty Minutes to Navigating QuickBooks
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The Related Activities section allows you to browse the Internet for information useful to your business such as accounting advice. You can also access the QuickBooks New Business Checklist, shown in Figure 2-5, which provides you with an itinerary of tasks helpful to establishing and maintaining a new business. The Memorized Reports section, on the bottom right-hand corner of the Company Navigator screen, is a convenient time-saving alternative to the drop-down Reports menu.
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Figure 2-5: The QuickBooks New Business Checklist.
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The Customers Navigator
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The Customers Navigator screen shown in Figure 2-6 allows you to access all of the program features and information you need to service and track your customers. Functional icons are organized in a convenient owchart format that re ects the chronological order of a customer sale cycle. Working clockwise, to the right of those icons, you can access links for customer-related activities such as invoicing, sending forms, and processing payments. Just below the activity links, you nd a menu for accessing various types of customer reports. And to the left, in the lower left-hand corner, QuickBooks promotes its other convenient services (available to you for an extra fee) by providing you with links to them. These services are a credit-checking service and a link to buy more software from Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks.
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30 Part I The QuickBooks System
Figure 2-6: The Customers Navigator screen.
The Vendors Navigator
The Vendors Navigator screen, shown in Figure 2-7, is similar to the Customers Navigator screen discussed in the previous section.