Recording Credit Card Transactions in .NET

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Recording Credit Card Transactions
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ost companies today supplement their various cash accounts with one or more credit card accounts. Banks or nancial institutions, gas companies, or other vendors might issue these credit card accounts. Many companies provide a credit card to those employees who work in the eld. In QuickBooks, you can maintain information about your credit card accounts. You can maintain your periodic balance, if you carry one, as well as information about the individual transactions you create with the card every month. In addition, you can track the individual items or professional services you use your card to purchase. This is helpful if you want to report on speci c expense types, such as of ce supplies or computer hardware and software.
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Creating accounts in QuickBooks to track your credit card transactions and associated expenses Entering credit card transactions Deleting or voiding a credit card transaction
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Creating a Credit Card Account
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Before you can enter credit card transactions, you must create a Credit Card account in QuickBooks. This account is used to track all of the activity for that card. You create a separate Credit Card account in QuickBooks for every credit card account you maintain with a nancial institution or vendor. You need not create a separate account in QuickBooks for each card in use at your company, only for each credit card account. These accounts include not only the traditional card accounts provided by nancial institutions but also the credit cards issued by service station companies, wholesale stores, and more. Another point to remember is that the Credit Card account you create in QuickBooks is separate from the account maintained by the company that provided the
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472 Part VI Banking and Credit Card Transactions
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card. Though you probably already have an account with a credit card company, you still must enter information into QuickBooks. Certain companies, American Express as an example, provide access to your credit card account online, so you can download your statement to reconcile your account in QuickBooks with the account maintained by the institution that provided the card. The steps to create a Credit Card account in QuickBooks are easy to follow, but there is a caveat: the account must already exist with the company providing the card. You cannot create the account in QuickBooks unless you are able to provide information supplied by the company that granted you the card. So, open the credit card account rst, and then enter the supporting information into QuickBooks. To create a Credit Card account in QuickBooks, follow these steps: 1. Choose Lists Chart of Accounts. 2. The Chart of Accounts window appears (see Figure 27-1). Click the Menu button, and then select New
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Figure 27-1: All accounts are viewed from the Chart of Accounts window.
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3. The New Account window appears as shown in Figure 27-2. Choose Credit Card from the Type drop-down list. If you have chosen to use account numbers, assign a number in the Number eld at this time.
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27 Recording Credit Card Transactions
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Credit card expenses can be associated with a tax schedule
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Figure 27-2: Use this window to create a new Credit Card account.
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4. In the Name eld, enter a name by which you can identify the Credit Card account. You will have the opportunity to enter both a description and an account number for the credit card, so enter a name that you can recognize when the name is presented in a list of all the accounts you create in QuickBooks. 5. In the Description eld, enter any text you want to use to help describe the Credit Card account. You may enter extra information in the eld, such as the date when the account was opened, the interest rate, the credit limit, or other terms of the account. 6. Enter the account number provided by the company that issued the card in the Card No. eld. 7. If you plan to report the expense from this Credit Card account on a speci c tax schedule, choose that schedule from the list in the Tax Line eld. Figure 27-2 shows the list of tax schedules. 8. Enter the balance, if one exists, in the Opening Balance eld, and then enter the date that the balance is effective in the As Of eld. Indicate whether you want to set up online account access. To choose a date from a graphical calendar, choose the button adjacent to the As Of eld. 9. To save the new account, click the OK button. To discard the information you entered about the Credit Card account, click Cancel. To create a new Credit Card account and to save the existing Credit Card account, click Next. As you will learn later, you can create a Credit Card account either in advance of recording credit card transactions or directly from the credit card transaction window. In either case, you can follow the steps presented here to create the account.
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